blow up football game Top 10 Dumbest Things Pro Athletes Do

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-05
blow up football game Top 10 Dumbest Things Pro Athletes Do
The stupid things professional athletes do seem to be endless.I think if you put a group of young people together, give them a boat.A lot of money and a lot of free time, what can you expect?When beautiful women, the media, and the luxuries of life are thrown at them, their arrogance and stupidity are only magnified.
This is my top ten, and of course there are many more.However, we must always remember that they are also human beings.1.I had a good time!Have you seen NFL players play their boobs like gorillas after a great game?I think it's something like Mount Tai, but it looks a bit ridiculous.
Maybe if I'm on the court, I'm 170-Looking at a defensive player beating his chest after being fired, I might be a little scared, but overall it looks really silly for them to do so.I took part in a professionalWomen's football this year, saw 350-Pound women do this, especially scary.2.I hate players pointing to heaven and thanking God after a great game.
Keep in mind, however, that I have not criticized religion or anyone who has faith in God.But it looks lame.This happens frequently in MLB for some reason.A strike will lead to chest surgery in Pedro Martinez.
Touch and doubleindex-finger-Pointing to God as if he and God were talking earlier about possible pitching strategies in the locker room, and the strategies they chose together, worked, so he personally thanked God with his direct line.3.The dressing rooms, the sidelines, the bullring, the bullpen and the sides of the court are often filled with people who pray.One question: if you pray to win and your opponent pray to win, who will God choose?4.
Bad Boy, bad boy, what do you do when they come to you?Why are professional athletes arrested for holding drugs and/or guns?Unfortunately, of course, a lot of people do this and we just happen to hear about the famous athletes.Come on guys, put the drugs at home, don't drive in high school, don't scream out loud, stop paginano!You don't need a gun.Who will hurt you?Six, Six, 275 pounds!5.It Wasnx92t Me!It's very stupid to tell Congress that you don't take steroids and then get caught on steroids.
I like to see Rafael Palmero sitting there pointing his finger at the footage of the congressional hearing and saying with disgust and confidence that I don't take steroids.The next video shows that he apologized for taking steroids.6.Murdering ex-Fortunately, lovers don't happen often, but my list won't be complete without at least mentioning O.
There seems to be a lot of NBA players who use the phrase, "my baby mom ".There are too many offspring of professional athletes who introduce their friends to the brothers of another mother.Have you heard of condoms?8.How much jewelry do you need!?It's fascinating to watch professional athletes break through millions in their first or second year and then have nothing at all when they retire, which is usually only a few years later.
How many fifty-year-Are the old people still playing professional sports?Not many people (of course, negative golfers, who drag crutches and oxygen tanks on the fairway ).So why don't professional athletes save a few dollars?9.When you are a professional athlete, it is not too smart to get hurt from your job.
Brunswick Winslow, ClevelandHis motorcycle crashed recently and will now miss season 2005.Jay Williams, the Chicago Bulls top pick, also suffered a motorcycle accident and has not played since.What is the motorcycle?Talk about the goose that killed the golden egg.
If you are a professional athlete, it seems particularly easy to say something very stupid in the media.I found a lot of places on the Internet and made a good list here.My question is how good it is. I don't know which one to choose.As I have asked before, what can we get from professional athletes?They often reflect the whole society.
Too much time, money, and fame will add to stupidity when you are really young, just so simple.We all said, do stupid things as well, but thankfully we don't have a microphone and a camera pointing at us all the time.As Norman Einstein once said, really smart athletes are away from problems because they can predict the future with ESPN.
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