blow up football California to Missouri - Road Trip

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-07
blow up football California to Missouri - Road Trip
One of the things we are best at is traveling and going to the United States as much as possible.The road trip was to visit the family in Missouri, but there was a lot to see along the way.Because it's a rocket mom challenge about my shot, so it seems appropriate to use the latest road trip to share more information about me and what you learned from your trip from June 30-20, 2011 to July 21Niles and I set out early in the morning for the road trip.
My husband can't go, so we're the only two.Judging from the look on his face, he seems to be asking "Are we here ?"?From California to MissouriI40 and I44 along the way.Why is there never a competition for highway engineering in Oklahoma?I have been there twice since then and they are still turning over on the highway.
While we missed the parade in our hometown, where Niles usually rides with the PONY Baseball League, he can still take part in the parade at Mashfield on July 4.This entry is the family affair of me and my brother, my son, my nephew, my grandson, and a great niece and nephew.My brother's best friend and his daughter are also on the Jeep.
These guys were part of the group for the second world war replay, so they took part in all the parades.They also revived the civil war on horseback.If you don't have the pleasure of visiting a hometown parade in a smaller community on July 4, it's really a treat.
Our little parade felt the same way as the one at Mashfield.It's not hard to find yourself being swept away in moments of pride for our country and for those who serve in our army.It doesn't matter where you are in July 4.
what matters is that Americans celebrate our traditions and history.We don't allow any fireworks in our California county.Niles has never had a chance to try fireworks or any type of fireworks for this.
At my niece's house in Ozark, Missouri, we have a lot of stuff and these guys have a great time.Niles and his dad pose for the photo in front of the Bath store in Branson, Missouri.Very nice environment but very hot!Branson also has an amusement park called Silver Dollar City.
Don't go there in cowboy clothes in summer.It's terrible.The Bass Pro store in Branson is good, but it is the largest store in the country and the first store is in Springfield, Missouri.It is huge and they are still increasing.This is a tourist resort. There are many things to see.The Rangers are very helpful in sharing information about the battlefield and the people caught in the middle.
They also provided us with guidance from our teachers and information from our students, as we are now a family that goes to school at home.This is important information about the civil war and the reasons behind it.One of the packets is about "not easy to select;Standing aside in the Civil War in Missouri ".
What we have learned will help us with the history of civil war that we will be studying this year.No place in California has this history and is able to walk on the battlefield and visit an original home, making it a reality.It's not just book learning.I 've been to several other battlefields in Virginia and Pennsylvania, which is the same for me.
With such beauty, there is such a tragedy..These were cannons that shelled the Thunder house until they were told it was the location of the hospital.Again, the beauty of the area obscures the pain that happens there.
This battlefield is a favorite place for families, as there is always family participation in the reproduction activities held there, and my niece is married there in full costume and horseback riding.This is also the path that this family specially prepares for horses.\ "Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas, USAS.
It was created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who are part of the art group Ant Farm, made up of things that were originally installed in 1974, whether it's old running or junk Cadillac cars, represents some of the development of the car production line (most notably the birth and death of the defining feature of the early Cadillac;Tail fin) from 1949 to 1963, halfburied nose-This is a long-standing feature that encourages painting as part of an artistic expression.The little picture on the right of the third car is Niles, who decorated three cars with his own name.If these are places you haven't been to, then this is an opportunity to learn more.
The colors could have been a little brighter, but we just had a monsoon thunderstorm and the sun didn't shine.Still, it is still impressive in days without the sun.The Painted Desert and petrified forest are part of the same area.
I am very satisfied with this photo.
As mentioned above, the weather is not clear and I am not sure if I can capture the color in the petrochemical Wood.The result is better than I thought.This is a learning experience for both of us.How do you get petrochemical wood?The answer is ash, water and trees.
The holes in the ground are impressive.
Spend some time at the visitor center, where there are many impressive interactive displays that delight both children and adults.There is a simulation where you can create your own meteor.Niles managed to blow up the Earth.Good science, learn when you have fun.There is no way to take good pictures of the crater with my camera.
All you need to know is that it will hold 20 football fields at the bottom and that it is initially 200 feet deeper
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