blow up football About Using the Inflatable Arch

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-01
blow up football About Using the Inflatable Arch
Inflatable arches are important in opening ceremonies and fairs, trade fairs and other events.The right inflatable arch can represent the image of the business.It shows the strength of the company and is also easy to promote their reputation.
How to set the inflatable arch?There are a few steps below.First, fix the power cord correctly.We should make sure that it does not affect the opening or closing of the door.Well-organized fixes are also important so that customers don't stumble over the power cord.
Secondly, remove the inflatable arch from the package to expand.Tie the four D-At the back of the inflatable arch and at the front, ring tightly with a head of the rope.For the other end of the rope, you should find something fixed, such as a tree or something.
Third, give a sandbag of 2 feet m to the inflatable arch.Sandbags can help inflate arches fixed on the ground.Fourth, blasting the inflatable arch to adjust the site of the inflatable arch.
Fifth, the user must check the weather last night before using the inflatable arch.If it's windy, you should prepare more sandbags to support the inflatable arch.Inflatable arches should not be set if the wind is great.
Finally, when the arch is in use, people will accidentally knock down the power supply, which will not cause problems.We can regain power and the inflatable arch can stand up again.After the inflatable arch is set up, we also need to pay attention.
Whether it's a wedding or a startup, there's always trouble.Make sure the petards removed from the inflatable product are 6 m away.Petards can hurt inflatable products and cause damage.
It also does not allow sharp objects such as branches, rocks to impact the inflatable arch.The arch can only be used for a long time if it is set up and maintained in an appropriate manner.Inflatable arch is light in weight and easy to carry.
It can re-Easy to use, easy to clean.
It is also easy to inflate and deflate.
After deflating, inflatable arches can be packed to save space.What's more, it's cheap.All in all, the inflatable arch has many advantages, it is durable and can increase reputation.It is worth having one for business or activity.
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