blow up bull How to Build a Platform for an Intex Ring Pool

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-17

Intex's easy swimming pool features tough and durable side walls and bottoms made of PVC with inflatable rings on top.To set up the pool, blow the ring and fill the water.As the water level rises, so does the ring, which is easy and convenient to install the swimming pool.The only problem is that you have to have a level below the pool.Intex warns that sand and other unstable surfaces are not suitable and that the deck or wooden platform is not.The solution is to build a concrete pad and gear as needed.Choose a location for the new Intex Pool.Pick a place with no trees directly on the top of your head, and it can invite birds, squirrels and even pieces of leaves or branches.Avoid places where there is water, as the soil will not prove stable in addition to creating a muddy environment for your pool area.Sink a stake in a corner of the installation site and measure the length required on the first side.Open another stake at the end.Repeat on each side, measure and sink the stake at the end to outline the area.While the concrete pad must be at least the size of the pool, you may want to expand it outside the pool to absorb dirtAround the free zone.At least an extra 6 inch is allowed--1 feet or two better.Dig the whole area to about 6 inch deep.Verify the depth with a tape measure, or Mark 2-by-4-Inch board or other wood and use it as a measure.Attach a twist or other rope to one of the pillars and diagonally cross to the opposite corner.Before tying the rope, slide the line horizontally onto the rope.Adjust the height of the string as needed until the bubble in the center indicates the level.From the rope to the ground, measured in various places of excavation.If the area is a bit low, fill in a little bit of dirt and mash it up with feet or boards and sledgehammers;Dig out a little extra and remove it in the high area.Ensure re-measurement of accuracy.Repeat it with a rope passing through the opposite corner to cover the entire area.Cut the length of the cardboard or plywood to pass through each side of the excavation.Connect to the corner pile using screws or nails.Drive additional stakes along the length outside the form to further reinforce the sides;Wet concrete is very heavy and the more you have, the better your form will be.A uniform substrate is laid on the pool platform area, which is 2 inch deep.Use pea stone --Very small gravel.-Even the spoiled limestone or your preferred base.A good layering causes water to flow out of the concrete platform.Use Rake to smooth the rock through the surface.Pour concrete and use a shovel to help spread it if necessary.Before paving the concrete for additional steel bars, lay a piece of barbed wire on the Rock and add a stone or brick to support it slightly above the rock.This helps to prevent cracking and crushing of concrete.Pay attention to avoid disturbing the mesh during pouring water.Lay a 2-by-4-The inch plate on the table and fix it on the length.This will level the newly poured concrete flat.Next, the whole surface is treated with a bull or Dabby float.Like You Do in polishing a car or scrubbing a dirty pan, repeatedly push the float onto the surface.This works with cream and water on the concrete surface.Work quickly during "pour and float" to avoid premature hardening of concrete, which will make your work more difficult.Run a roll edge along the edge of the plate, along each inch shape.If you do not have a sharpener, use any tool that allows you to cut along the wood;Your intention is to release the concrete a little from the shape, just like you are cutting a piece of pie or cake that sticks to the pan.Cover the entire surface of the concrete with a plastic cloth to solidify it.This keeps moisture when it's completely hardened.After about a week, pry open the form and finish the concrete with an indoor/outdoor carpet if needed.
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