blow up boat Shark tooth hunting on the coastal islands in Georgia

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blow up boat Shark tooth hunting on the coastal islands in Georgia
I 've heard the name of shark tooth island a lot for the last four years, but I don't know where it is or how to get there.I know it's somewhere near the island of tabby and can be reached by kayak, but imagine that it's just a strategy for Kayak travel salespeople, there are few real fossils or shark teeth to find for tourists to spend their money on kayak rentals.Still, when a friend said he was going there and invited us to join him, even if there were no shark teeth around, I seized the opportunity to find this secret island.
Overall, I like the unfortunate charm when looking for things.I 've had three dolphin trips but haven't seen the Dolphins on any of them yet, even though it's an afterthought record, I used to go kayaking with another friend, when the Dolphins at the top of the yellow tour of the floating bridge passed by us, we laughed like a madman, and the captain said, "I don't know where all the dolphins are today ", as they appear directly behind the boat, no visitors can see them!Just like they are playing with them.The last time my friend didn't take me to little tabby, they found dozens of expired shajin.
When I went with them, we found 1 out of 3 pieces.I haven't seen live starfish or fossils yet, so I hope the island is remote enough to give us the chance to find something special that we want to take home, not just swimsuits full of sand.Like you haven't been there.When professional kayaking trips leave from the back of Fort Pulaski, park rangers tell us that they do not allow the public to leave from this place.
We actually want to put the kayak down and park, because no one will go to that place in the park anyway, but who will go to jail because you don't accept it, and you have to be paddled by the US Coast Guard, so it could be a bit scary.We decided to set off from the halfway point of the rail and walk along the southern passage of Savannah through pocksburg to Tabby, the location of an old railway where most people can't afford to buy a car or drive to the beach for gas.There is a small landing point in the middle, but it is designed for crabs and fishermen, not kayaks, the mud is thick, gray/black and sticky, suck you to the middle and deeper of your calf with a lot of rock and Shell.
There is nothing more than letting your imitation crocodile get sucked 1 feet and a half together with your legs, so that when you swing back and forth like a buoy in the surf, you have to catch the kayak, put your arm into the muck and pull your shoes and feet out.We're still in the water!!!The locals didn't help much with fishing and eating crabs with this place, but they were friendly and made us walk through the intricate lines.Once in the water, we left the Pulaski fort of the ocean and the beach to the west, along the north side of the river along the swamp and kept on the right side to avoid greater vessel traffic.
Technically, we're still on the Georgia side of Savannah, but as soon as we get around the curve and head east back to shark's tooth Island, South Carolina is on the left.I would love to paddle there and say that we have crossed from Georgia to South Carolina, but my companion has started to read the island before the tide is completely gone.The downside of paddling out to the sea is that before you turn east to the front of the island, you will encounter tides of more than a mile.
The back part is swamp.
My friend saw a crocodile coming out of the swamp and into the water, but when I caught up with him, there was nothing there except some folded swamp, I was wondering if he actually saw the crocodiles but heard they were out there so there shouldn't be any questions.I haven't seen the crocodiles in the salt water yet, although I have seen some crocodiles in the freshwater and salty water of the marsh and the larger barrier island.You can see Elba Island, where natural gas is stored in blue tanks in the sky.
Everyone is worried that tanks will explode and destroy half the city, which is why they are in the middle of a remote island, strictly speaking, in Savannah, but I never remember hearing anything bad there since I was alive, and I 've been alive for a long time.When we got there, the tide was low and you could see the red and brown clay lines and the coast was washed away near the tree lines.It looks like a mini grand canyon wall with striped colors, reminiscent of the sand jars we made at Bible school.
My arms and shoulders are tired.
We 've been fighting here most of the time, although my figure is pretty good, it's not easy to keep in touch with someone whose arms are twice as big and much younger than me.The person who was going to go with us retired, so we went alone.Even though we didn't date or be interested in each other this way, it was still an awkward feeling like I went dancing with my dad and everyone thought I was his young girlfriendYou know people think you're "together" and even though you're just friends, you feel obligated to communicate with them and get closer to them than you're in a team, however, you don't want to be too close because of the fear that they will think you are approaching them.
That's not the case when you're with girls, but I like to be with men again, so I guess it's a deal --On the beach there was a couple coming over to meet us with a beautiful German Shepherd, who sat around on my kayak and probably smelled the peanuts I brought over for snacks.The owner apologized, but I like dogs, especially the German black dogs, so I don't feel any trouble at all.When we pulled the kayak off the waterline, we immediately found a small white shark tooth.
The tide poured in quickly on these barrier islands and could rise to a few feet in an hour.When the tide goes back, it's easy to get stuck on a big ship, and when a large cargo ship sends three to 4 feet waves, it's easy to get your kayak washed away, 10 to 20 feet kilometers inlandThe cargo ships can drown out fishing boats moored on the shore.It's like a little tide coming to you!After landing we found the teeth of a small white shark and we were more excited about the trip.
We met a guy on the way over, who found a suckling tooth elephant and a gray shark tooth in tannish cartilage, about inches in height.An hour later, after screening the sand and pebbles, our efforts left only a few small black teeth, and the constant screening of the sand did not help my sore muscles at all, so we walked along the beach, at low tide, this is quite impressive, but contains a lot of smooth gray and red clay shops that, while not sucking mud like landing on a trail, do not-the-Less floating ice and hard ice, even walking barefoot on it, made me approach the ground in danger, and there was a lot of rock on the ground, although there were very few rocks greater than 3 feet.People have to wonder where they came from, and if they were put there to support the islands, or washed away from the ship, perhaps like the ballast a few years ago, or trade in lanes or roads.
We continue to look for treasure.
I found a lot of neat rocks, even some green basalt, which is said to have come from volcanic eruptions, and it was a very neat discovery next to the teeth of the little white shark.As far as I know, there are no volcanoes on the east coast of the United States, so the rocks must be very old.I find this interesting for some reason.I think it's like making those mini kitchen playsets with plastic potatoes and peas when you're a kid.
..Just something neat and interesting.
Efforts to mine and screen sand and rocks have had little success.Found a few small teeth, but nothing to be excited about, so when the dark clouds billowing from the east, around us going through the river to Jasper, we went further along the beach, south Carolina and Wilmington Island further away.The biggest shark tooth was found on the beach, one and a half inches gray tooth.
The shark's tooth is a national fossil in Georgia, which is strange given the small amount of land actually located at sea, but it is the easiest fossil to find, so I think that's why it was chosen as a star.Apparently the locals call it shark tooth island (which I later found out to be called Bird Island ).05966 and W -80.If you would like to check, 95539 GPS coordinates), is made from dredging, or a large amount of washing is collected from the beach and the ocean, because it is rare to find this type of soil in Savannah, and even rarely to find the North of the rock that clearly comes from farther away;Again, we have to do more research in order to find the answer.
There are islands in the same area built to prevent erosion of inland beaches and structures, so this is a possibility, although it may also be a natural feature.We didn't find anything really spectacular, and we thought maybe we needed to go east, or come when the tide receded, not at the last trough.The gentleman with the dog asked us how we were doing.
He had a huge shark tooth in his hand and found it a bit broken by the water's edge.Maybe we need to bring a dog and train it to find teeth, just like training pigs to find truffles in France.This will save a lot of back pressure anyway.
The east end of the beach is very interesting, there are many fallen trees and dead trees, the roots are still on the ground, like a huge rough finger forming a hobbit hut.We wanted to explore more, but it's late now, another storm is coming and this time is coming towards us.When we return to the kayak, the wind whips us with sashimi sand and sashimi rain wh, and when it falls from our skin, the rain will soon become cold andWe took our baby and vowed to come back another day.
I 've always felt like I was upsetting him and giving him some space while we were there, but I didn't want him to be too far away, especially when the storm came.It feels like I'm with my brother and he can only tolerate me for so long and then leave me to find his own space.I don't think I'm the kind of person that's annoying, but then again, you'll never be with a man.
They all seem to have a much higher spectrum of autism than women, so maybe I'm missing, he's more, like I should care about, but I care.I guess it's the girl on me.He set up the GPS to see how far we went.He thought it was four miles, but it turned out to be only three miles, but it felt much longer.The rain was with us, but it wasn't that big, so we drew about half a mile with the tide and then turned into an oncoming sea breeze and a flowing stream of water.
I think I want to cry again.
I guess it's the girl on me.
I paddle as fast and hard as I can, but my shoulders and neck are sore and my left hand wrist is numb all the time, with almost no strength.The right oblique muscle on my neck is cramming and I stop to rub it quickly and splash water on it hoping it will calm it down.Since this will only slow me down a bit more, I started to be a little bit of an attitude towards my friend because I can hardly see him now.
I grew up in the South, where men looked after women like us, just like we were fools, and couldn't find a way home without their guidance. However, I do expect some protection and friendship with men.Instead, I feel like we're fighting for Olympic gold and I'm in my seat for a poor third world national team --on-Kayak with 39 tops.
99 paddles, it is not very suitable for speed and agility.It was a very unpleasant trip.Now the spot and dark clouds, wind and lightning behind us do not help my mood as my mood becomes as dark as the clouds around me.This is a good thing, my friend is far ahead of me, otherwise I might kill him with my paddle if I catch him (not really, but our southerners are known for our temper and our colorful terms, and only we can get away with a similar punishment, "take cookies off someone," or, as mom said, "I brought you into this life, and I will take you away from life if you keep Sassin, my child!\".
In fact, we won't do that, but somehow it seems to dispel the anger and hurt inside us.It's something from the south...Despite my efforts to keep up with my friends, I am still behind.On one occasion my entire right arm was numb and my paddle slapped the water instead of crossing the water.
It looks like I'm barely moving forward, but I can see progress as the coastline slowly goes by in steady increments.At some point I want to pull up the grading trail and maybe it will be faster to back the kayak with me.We finally saw the takeout.It seemed less than half a mile ahead, but after an hour we or at least I was still paddling there.
When my companion completely disappeared out of view, I was wondering if I had left and passed the landing.I want to cry, I want to give up, I want to lean on my seat, I want to restore the feeling of my arms and neck, tell myself not to be so stupid, remind myself that I drive us here, I have the key.If I didn't arrive at the same time he arrived, it would be impossible for him to get me into trouble.
The left arm is now injured at the elbow, just like I hit my funny bone on something, but it's not fun and not so intense.I kept splashing water on my arms and shoulders, which seemed to help.Once, when the dark clouds gathered behind me, I tried to paddle harder and faster, about 100 times.
..Yes, I'm counting.
This is what I do when I want to give up.
..Only a little more than 30, then you can rest, you can rest after more than 30...In thirty more, you can...I am my own personal trainer in this regard, but I will never get angry when I force myself, so I think it is a good thing.Let someone push me, I might hit them.It's not true, but I want it.Now I'm worried.I was able to hear the traffic so I knew I was close but didn't see any signs of anyone else.
I'm not afraid of being dropped or eaten by the crocodiles my friend saw earlier, but I don't want to stay on the water all night, and I don't want to be stuck in the storm with the aluminum paddle shaft, I still keep paddling.Is this trip worth it?I was expecting or hoping to find more shark teeth.I knew better.Why did I find something that others stumbled upon so unfortunate?This seems to be my metaphor for life.
My friend was waiting there when I finally got to the open space.He set up a series of rocks to mark the location and help me get out without sinking into the mud, so I felt a little sad about him earlier.What's more, I like to think of myself as a strong and independent woman, so what does this really matter?I have never been so happy to see the top of the old white harbor --o-Not that I was going to the toilet, but that I found my way home and the trip was over.
I could barely stand up and had to bend over and walk a few feet even before I could straighten out.My left hand still didn't feel and there was no burning pain on my right shoulder, but didn't say anything, dragging the kayak to the truck with my best match face on my face.When I got home and took as many showers and cleaned things as I could, I tried to find the few very small shark teeth I managed to clear, but they seemed to get lost, so the whole trip was like being wasted, but after thinking about it later, it was really not that bad and I was really not mad at my friend.
He likes to do crazy things and put other people in trouble and they follow, so I don't know.We went back a few months later and this time it was a bigger group and there were some women who didn't play to see who could get there as quickly as possible and keep in touch with the group on their way backI highly recommend that this is the best way, or even better, to take a real ship, but be careful with the cargo ship and the tides as you will still be in trouble.On the Elba Island cut, there is also a beach in the West that looks promising, but I suggest you have a strong set of arm muscles and a patient companion to kayak.
In any case, it's not a leisurely paddle, and sometimes it feels like Poseidon is pulling us back underwater with a huge rubber band.The beach may be a secret, but many people go there.We found as many teeth on the sand as we found under the sand, but it's fun to sift through the sand with a hardware-style frame.
On our second return, we found hundreds of small black shark teeth near the rising cliffs, but the island seems to have been eroded even more, so don't know if it will even though the trees on one side and the swamps on the other side should provide some protection for it in the next few years.The guy we met on our first trip, he found the biggest pieces, he had floats on his screening rack so he could screen in the water, in smaller places, because the wet sand does hurt the already tired arm.Just a simple garden spatula is needed to dig the sand and you really should cover up or flatten your hole to prevent more beach erosion or someone sprained an ankle.
We know that some very good discoveries have been discovered, and new storms and highs may clear up the debris in the ocean and dig out bigger discoveries.If you go, put your phone in a sealed bag, your camera, the sun screen, plenty of water, a 2.0 meal to replenish the tired muscles, sunglasses and hats.
If the wind blows to stop the sand from throwing in all directions, you may even want to tie a scarf to your face, and a poncho that will suddenly fall off to help prevent it from raining.Just pay attention to the tides at high tide, it will come soon, if you go further on the beach, you will find that you are stuck on the beach, there is no sand to walk, you can only be trapped in areas of muddy or fallen trees.We don't have any problems with bugs on the beach, but looking at the inland trees, there are a lot of mosquitoes and biting flies.
If you're with a team that meets your needs, speed, or feel free, it's a trip worth a visit, and when you're close to the main area, it can see the rail area well.We didn't see real sharks and dolphins, but we saw a lot of birds on shore.Pelicans, egrets, crows, blackbirds with Red Wings, seagulls and gulls.
The water is a bit dirty and ugly so not the best option for swimming, but the cobblestone beach is a popular place to get rid of the mud.Don't expect to find treasures or shark teeth as big as your hands, though it's rarely impossible.The neatest thing I found throughout the journey was a rusty metal butt ring about 4 feet high from a cargo ship that looked like a huge gallows, both of which I left behind, this reminds me if you really go, bring a zip lock or a mesh bag, take your stuff home, and if you're a kayak, tie everything up, just as you wish to be turned over, then you will not lose your precious wealth if the rogue wave hits.
Maybe you will have a better time looking for your special treasure, but for us I think we have to keep looking and see what the future will bring.You never know, there may be buried treasure waiting to be discovered, you may be the one who found it!Good luck to you!!!
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