blow up ball Volleyball Post from a Tire

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-05
blow up ball Volleyball Post from a Tire
Old-This is an old-Volleyball standards-The kind of teacher I used to do at Keane public school.I heard that they are banned from school in public schools now, but they are still outside.Some children inevitably turn it over and his parents follow up on a successful lawsuit.
This is how all good things are forbidden.But if you're not afraid of a lawyer and have at least a teaspoon of your brain so you don't get dizzy with this big cement tire, then the effect is good.It's portable, keeps the network tight and is cheap to build.
Simply place the two tires on the ground with a little tread on the tires.Get good tread.You don't want the wires on the Strip to stick out to scratch someone.Support any Rod you are using-Metal or woodenAt the center of the tire, tie it up so that it does not shake when the concrete is maintained.
Stir a few bags of concrete mixture with a trolley.Make it a little thinner so it will flow inside the tire.If you fill it in only half of the mix;3/4 Road, plus a bag.
You have to estimate it (sorry, I have no guarantee that it will not involve math ).Once the concrete is cured, you can put the Poles on top and install 3 hanging ring bolts on each pole.Drill One at 7 \ '11 5/8 \ 'off the ground for men's volleyball;One of the women's volleyball is at 7'4', one is at the bottom of 2 feet, stretching the net down and making it tight.
Send the hanging ring into the hole.
30 feet wide and 60 feet long.
Hit a net and blow up the ball and you're ready to go
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