blow up ball How to Blow Up a Balloon Without Using Your Mouth

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-25

Instead of blowing balloons with your mouth for your next birthday party or family event, save your lungs and blow balloons with an air pump.If you are allergic to latex and need to inflate quickly, even just to avoid pain in your lips, always use a pump inflatable balloon.Before blowing balloons, decide which type of air pump is most effective depending on where you are active, how much time you have and how many balloons you need.If you don't have much time or need a lot of inflatable balloons, do the job quickly using an air compressor.If you have an outdoor activity that requires a lot of balloons, but you have more time to handle it, use an electric air pump.For indoor activities with fewer balloons, use a hand pump.The balloon air compressor features a small compressed air tank and one to two nozzles.Each nozzle is inserted into the opening of the balloon and the balloon is automatically inflated once the compressor is turned on.Some air compressors also have a timer that turns off the air once the balloon expands to a certain extent to prevent the balloon from breaking.Once the balloon is inflated on the air compressor, lift it from the nozzle by squeezing the bottom directly above the opening, and tie the end into a knot to remove the balloon.You can inflate the air mattress with an electric pump, but you can also use it to inflate the balloon at your next event.In order to inflate the balloon, you need to install a cone nozzle on the electric pump, which you can find at any sporting goods store.Insert and open the electric pump;Connect the cone nozzle and place the opening of the balloon at the top.When the balloon is full of air, keep the balloon at the top of the nozzle.After filling, squeeze the opening of the balloon;Remove it from the nozzle and tie it into a knot.With a hand pump, you can inflate the balloon with muscle strength.Insert the cone end of the hand pump directly into the opening of the balloon and form a tight seal around the opening with one hand.With the other hand, move the end of the hand pump back and forth, forcing the air into the balloon.Once you fill the balloon, squeeze the opening of the balloon with your finger;Remove it from the end of the pump and tie it to the knot.Be sure to pay attention to the balloons when they inflate, which may happen soon, depending on the air pump you use.Avoid over-Inflate the balloons or they will explode.When you inflate the balloon, be sure to supervise the child and the pet, because if you swallow the balloon, the balloon material becomes a risk of suffocation.
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