blow up ball Car Warning Lights: Is My Car Going To Blow Up? Myths & Facts

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blow up ball Car Warning Lights: Is My Car Going To Blow Up? Myths & Facts
Today's vehicles are equipped with a series of warning lights. Of course, the safety belt warning and the door half-open indicator are familiar to us; However, with technological advances in the automotive industry, there are some warning lights that can be very shocking. Here is a Q & A Guide for some of the more common warning light questions.

Note: Due to checking the frequency of the engine warning light, it has a separate part.

1) SRS light (supplementary restraint system): the supplementary restraint system is your airbag system.It can include a variety of active, passive and even former depending on the safety technology of the vehicle.Given that the SRS system is a security system, it has passed through many sensors and automatically tests.The slightest failure of this system will illuminate the SRS light.\ "Can you drive a vehicle by turning on the SRS light?"Yes, there is the risk of the owner.There are thousands of vehicles on the road without SRS technology."Will the airbag explode?Unlikely.The system cannot work when the SRS light is on.

2) ABS lamp: The warning light of the lock brake system is another common phenomenon in today's cars.The ABS helps you avoid slipping out of control during braking by limiting wheel lock/slip.ABS systems are typically integrated with traction control and stability systems, all designed to protect your safety during emergency parking, wheel slip and handling.Do I need to brake?"You might, but that's not why the ABS light is on.\ "Can the vehicle be opened?\ "Like the SRS system, vehicles can be driven at the risk of the owner, as there are still many vehicles on the market that do not have ABS-enhanced safety features."Why is my ABS light on?How to reset the ABS light?\ "These are simple questions, and there are multiple answers based on the vehicle in question.To get a quick and free solution, follow the information and guidelines for resetting the check engine light and apply it to the ABS light.3) low coolant lamp: the low coolant lamp lights up when the coolant is below the coolant level sensor, usually one to two quarts.If the light is on, there are two main possibilities.The most common is coolant leakage.The other is the electrical failure of the warning light circuit.Let them check out.\ "Can you drive?\ "If there is no major leak, the vehicle will not overheat (and will not start overheating), and there is still some evidence of coolant in the overflow bottle that it can be driven.If you can see a coolant leak on the ground, drag it over.If you have any questions, you must drag them over!

4) Red light: stop driving immediately and turn off the engine!Please note if the red oil warning light is on.The best thing is that your oil is a bit low.The second best case is that there is an electrical problem with the oil level warning system circuit.First, check your oil as instructed by your boss.If low, it is recommended to add "make sure you don't see it dripping or dumping on the ground", which will indicate that the engine leaks a lot.If the oil is not low and your engine is ticking, knocking, or unusual noise, dragon!If everything looks OK and you're a bit of a gambler, it's probably just a problem with the warning light circuit.In this case, let your vehicle check out as early as possible.The worst case is internal damage to the engine.Note: many vehicles today have very sensitive and complex oil level warning systems.You may be reminded that the oil level is too high or that the oil level is too low.Again, please refer to the instructions in your owner's manual.So whether it's a 1993 Ford Aerostar check the oil light or a problem with the flashing of the oil light in Saab car, please be aware!

5) Red brake warning light: the general red warning light indicates danger.In the case of a red brake warning light, a hydraulic brake fluid leakage may occur.If the brake pedal feels abnormal, or pull it with a sponge!Can I open it?\ "If you're a gambler if the car stops well, go ahead.Don't drive if the brake pedal feels different in peace or if the vehicle doesn't park properly!Note: Please make sure your emergency brake is not turned on or partially engaged as this will light up the red brake warning light.

6) yellow brake warning light (hanging lamp): This is an early warning system for brake pad wear.Basically, when your disc brake pads are worn out, at some point the sensor trips to remind you that you need the brakes soon.\ "How long can I drive?Yes, you can continue driving.How long depends on your driving style.City drivers (which are often harder to break due to constant parking and driving) may need to solve the brake problem before people who drive the main highway."Will I cause more damage to the brakes?\ "Depending on the time you continue driving, you can imagine wearing the disc brake pads onto the metal back panel, and then the metal back panel will damage your disc brake pads rotor, disc brake calipers in rare cases.In many brake systems today, however, replacement of disc brake rotors and disc brake pads is required or strongly recommended.Important: it is best to check the brakes early and increase the possibility of saving money by not having to replace the rotor.However, many brake discs and rotors today do not need to be replaced due to rust and corrosion, but need to be replaced;Therefore, rotor replacement is usually necessary in any case.In regular braking work, there is very little need to replace the brake calipers.

7) air suspension light (air suspension, hydraulic suspension): The suspension warning light will light up when the suspension monitoring system detects a failure.There is usually a leak of air or hydraulic fluid.Can I open it?\" Sometimes.But drag the suspension if it's lower than usual and/or the vehicle feels wrong!If the suspension drops too low while driving, it can cause extensive damage.Note: the maintenance of the air suspension system is best left to the best state of-the-You can find an art service center, preferably a dealer.

8) tire pressure warning light: the recent technological development has caused quite a lot of confusion.In short, if your tires are getting lower and lower in the air, your car will let you know according to the model by installing sensors in different places.\ "What is the reset procedure for low tire pressure warning lights?\ "Sometimes the reset process is as simple as pressing a button.Other times you have to set the tire pressure and re-calibrate on-With the computer, two fingers crossed.Check your owner's manual or call an expert or dealer.Note: given that this is a fairly new technology development, there is a lack of familiarity with tire pressure monitoring systems in local stores and franchises (mostly.You can refer to how to reset the check engine light and follow the suggestions for promoting and resetting the engine light.

9) discharge warning light: this light is similar to the check engine light.Many European models such as Volvo have such early warning systems.It essentially lets you know that there is a fault or a fault is detected in the discharge assembly.Solve this specific warning light by checking the engine light information and tips.Note: Make sure you take it to a store that is equipped to handle emissions.

10) reset the oil lamp (oil change warning light): whether to reset the 2005 GMC Envoy for the Toyota oil lamp program, or reset the 1999 Oil service lamp requires a specific action process.This information is available in most user manuals.You should find it in a repair or oil service.You can also call your local mechanic who resets the oil service lights on various models every day.There will certainly be information in the dealership;However, it may be difficult to find someone in a dealer who can translate it effectively.If the above fails, see the process of resetting the check engine light.Note: Several European models require special tools to reset the oil service lights, so it is better to call or visit an expert or dealer.Note: this information cannot replace your vehicle owner's manual.It should be a general guide.Always refers to the manufacturer's vehicle-specific guidelines.Note: Please note how you are billed for any of the above warning issues.Because of their technical nature, they can buy unnecessary things very quickly and very expensive                                

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