blow up ball 5 reasons to release emotional wounds from the past

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-15
blow up ball 5 reasons to release emotional wounds from the past
People are looking for ways to improve their lives and create more success.
There are many ways to change thoughts and behaviors.
Releasing emotional trauma from the past is another option.
Is this option appropriate for you?
What is the cause of emotional trauma?
The painful or traumatic events of childhood can leave us with emotional trauma that prevents us from living fully.
Every time a child does not feel an emotion and releases it, an emotional trauma occurs.
These unresolved emotions will be stuck in your mind and body.
You may have forgotten the original event, but the emotional trauma will always be with you.
Accidents or diseases, or even small events, leave emotional wounds to children.
A seemingly small event for an adult can cause trauma to a child.
Being unloved or rejected can cause lifelong trauma.
If your mother is having a bad day, she ignores you when you feel there is a need, and this kind of injury may still affect you today.
How do we store emotional trauma?
Emotional trauma is different from cognitive memory.
According to Candice Pearl (who wrote the emotional elements: the science behind the mind --
Physical Medicine appears in the movie, what do we know! ?
), Emotional wounds are stored at the cell level.
The brain produces an emotional chemical called neuropeptides.
These chemicals are attached to the cells of your whole body.
When you experience an emotion, you feel the feeling in your body, which is the result of the interaction of these chemicals with your cells.
Many of our wounds are stored in the heart and internal organs.
We often describe these feelings in poetic language.
We might say "My heart is broken" or "It's like a knife goes through my heart" or "I can't stand that.
These poetic descriptions describe a deeper reality in your body.
Your body has its own wisdom.
You may believe that the past is over, but the past will continue to affect you until you release it.
Your mind may forget, but your body always remembers.
Here are five reasons for releasing emotional trauma from the past: 1.
Over time, emotional trauma is growing.
If you are injured in your childhood, this trauma will continue to grow with each new unresolved emotion.
For example, if you were rejected when you were a child, every new experience of rejection will add a stroke to your wound.
One customer said it was a painful ball that was getting bigger and bigger. 2.
Emotional trauma is like a trigger.
If you feel abandoned in your childhood, you will be particularly sensitive to being abandoned.
If your loved one is late or your friend doesn't call you back right away, you'll be worried about the worst.
Sometimes, these triggers are more like mines, and you explode because of small events. 3.
We seem to attract more fuel for our wounds.
We seem to be in the same situation over and over again.
If your wound feels unloved, you will marry a very cold person or you will choose to abandon your friends when you need it most. 4.
Emotional trauma can increase our stress.
Stress affects every aspect of life.
Candice Pearl told us
Depressed trauma and unresolved emotions can overwhelm the body's network.
When stress prevents our emotional molecules from flowing freely in the body, it disrupts our autonomous activities (such as breathing, blood flow, immune system, etc ).
Disrupted our normal course of treatment.
"All the unresolved thoughts, emotions, and negative emotions we insist on will appear in the body and make us sick," Pert said.
(Emotional elements) 5.
The trauma of feelings makes it impossible for us to feel a positive life.
Positive emotions.
If your wound tells you that you are not cute, it is difficult to feel love, and it is difficult to love others.
If your wound tells you that you are not good enough, it is difficult to accept yourself.
If your wound tells you that the world is a terrible place and it is hard to feel safe.
We forget our nature.
When you release your emotional trauma and restore your real emotions, your life will change in a way you can't imagine.
You are not your emotional trauma!
You are much better than you think.
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