Birthday Party Games of the 1950s & 1960s - party game rentals

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Birthday Party Games of the 1950s & 1960s  -  party game rentals
In the 1950 s, popular children's toys included Slinky, Silly Putty, and Mr.
Potato Head, picking
Sticks and toys related to Dale Evans and Roy Rogers.
Barbie and G in the 1960 s. I.
Joe has a central place in children's toys, and skateboarding and coin trucks are becoming more and more popular.
The 1950 and 1960 Birthday party games involve various activities that rely on personal skills and teamwork.
This aim game requires a stable hand, a glass milk bottle and a wooden dress.
Any with 2-
The bottle can be replaced by inch opening.
Guide the children to kneel in the chair and put their arms firmly on the back of the chair.
Put the bottle directly on the ground under them.
When their hands are kept at the height of the back of the chair, let the children try to throw 10 pieces of clothing each, one at a time, into the bottle.
The child with the most pins in the bottle won.
Give each child a paper donkey tail and let him wait for his turn to wear a blindfold while trying to nail or tape his tail on the donkey poster.
When each contestant receives three lost spins in a circle before trying to nail the tail, the laughter follows.
Variations of this game include nailing the bow to the photo of the party girl, pinning the tail to the lion, or placing the first initials of the child on T-shirt.
In this action game, each child receives a balloon.
The children are divided into two teams. the first child passes through the room or yard, sits or steps on the balloon, and pops up the balloon.
When the balloon pops up, the child runs back and tags the next person in the team who runs up and pops up his own balloon.
The first team to complete the balloon pop-up wins.
The egg relay uses raw eggs and teaspoons, an outdoor game that promises to cause laughter.
The children are divided into two groups and each child gets a teaspoon.
The first person on the team got a raw egg that could be placed in her spoon.
Each child carries the eggs around the designated point and then transfers the eggs to the spoon of the next person without touching the eggs by hand.
The team who broke the least eggs won.
The treasure hunt creates a sense of excitement and adventure.
In a team or individual, ask the children to collect as many inventory items as possible.
The list can include rocks, teaspoons, items showing the initials of the parents of the birthday child, or pictures of a specific animal or person.
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