Birthday Party Games for Women - blow up games for parties

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-29
Birthday Party Games for Women  -  blow up games for parties
Planning birthday parties for adult women usually requires some outdoor activitiesthe-
Think of the box thinking of the activity.
After all, classic birthday party games like "Pin the Tail on the donkey" are not very suitable for the party environment of adult women.
So when you start preparing for a party for a birthday woman, think about some of the games that your specific party guests can enjoy.
Prepare for this ice
Gather guests first, hand over a piece of paper each and break the game.
Tell them to write down some information about themselves that no one knows.
For example, they can write down the joy of their guilt or the experience they have never told anyone.
After you write a short sentence, collect the paper and put it in a bowl.
Give each person another piece of paper and ask them to number one by one a piece of paper and the number of party guests.
When ready, take the paper one by one from the bowl, read aloud, and give each paper a unique number corresponding to the number on the player's numbered paper.
The party's guests all wrote in their newspaper which statement they thought was written by who.
Then guess by everyone.
The person who guessed the most won the game.
Although many women like chocolate, this chocolate game may leave a bad taste.
Prepare by melting some pure milk chocolate.
Put the chocolate in the ice tray with two or three cubes empty.
Put an onion in these squares and cover it with chocolate.
The refrigerator is full of ice trays.
Once the chocolate has hardened, let all the women sit on the table and give each of them a piece of chocolate.
Tell you, there are surprises in a few chocolates.
Players are advised to wear the best poker face to hide if they have received surprise chocolate.
When you say "go", let all the women eat the chocolate you gave them.
Then, turn around the table and let everyone guess who had the surprise chocolate.
Guess the right player to bring home a box of chocolate, the unfortunate player is the same, have to eat surprise.
Come up with a theme to play this more challenging version of the puzzle first.
Then, think about the five charades under this theme.
For example, if you choose "romance-
The comedy films Harry's charades when he met Sally and the beautiful woman worked well.
When ready, pick a player to perform all the charades.
Once all players have guessed the puzzle game right, they have to figure out the theme.
Allow all players to take turns to bring up their own themes and five charades.
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