big ball soccer Keeping Your Eye on the Big Ball ....

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-10
big ball soccer Keeping Your Eye on the Big Ball ....
How often do we get to the point where we score a goal, but some minor problems have arisen, distracting us from the big ball and ending up with frustrating and disappointing results.Determined to keep an eye on the big ball.When working with employees, the biggest goal is to give full play to their potential, not to create problems because of small mistakes.
And quiet, will not quarrel.
If the problem is in a difficult situation, 90% of the quarrels will not succeed --Is this really important?We must all work with determination and perseverance.What we need is the right motivation.We can't work in some way, this way will bring us the best blessing, and the same work will bring bondage.The main secret is to learn to work without attachment.
Work like a master, not like a slave.
There is a view that we will not achieve anything unless we are ambitious and eager for the fruits of our work.Or, unless we have a strong attachment to a person, we cannot do a good job for that person.Love makes us need. love makes us have the ability to give.If we really love the art of our work, we will be more interested in how well we can do it than how much we can get from it.
When we are only attached to the results of our work and do not get the results we want, we will become discouraged and easy to give up;But when we work out of love for the work itself, no matter how many times we don't get the desired result, we will stick to it.This continued focus on gains and losses has hindered our free movement and our spiritual progress.Therefore, the determination is always to pay attention to the big ball and love the work, not to chase the failure and the result.
When praised, the ideal yoga practitioners will not become selfish and believe that they are doers;And when they are accused, they will not give in to such accusations, thinking that they are responsible.The Constitution of the body depends on the mind to a large extent, and the mind depends on the power of thought;So when thought is connected with some lofty motives and the eyes are placed on the big ball, it refreshes and brings joy to the overall quality of life!!
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