Barry's Bay Real Estate Home and Property for Sale - inflatable buildings for sale

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Barry\'s Bay Real Estate Home and Property for Sale  -  inflatable buildings for sale
The property actually includes a large area of land, three farm buildings and a residence, all within a kilometer of the town of Bari Bay.Barry Bay town is a town that settled more than a century ago with families and small businesses of different ages, styles, sizes, conditions and quality.The House on the property is a well.The maintained bungalows meet the requirements of the area and are partially surrounded by red pine trees that make up the landscape.
There is absolutely no industrial or commercial property in the vicinity and no adverse conditions are known.With a population of about 1,200 people, Barris Bay is the largest center of the Madawaska Valley area in Renfrew County.In addition to local amenities such as financial institutions, hardware and construction centers, grocery stores, it also provides school services to surrounding residents, including local high schools, arenas and hospitals, post offices, churches, restaurants, etc.
Located at 96 Murray Park Street, the hotel is an irregular 52.79 acre lot.The hotel appearance is currently displayed under winter conditions on the Internet site and will increase in the short term with seasonal updates to the photos.The actual surrounding landscape and overall look are good.
Serious buyers can only walk with prior appointments and company.The hotel also has a street in Lake Cybulski--Freshwater lakes for boating, fishing and other activities;This feature adds to market appeal and fun throughout the year.A stream runs through the hotel from Lake Cybulski and is home to birds and other animals.
The site is serviced by overhead hydro, telephone, cable, drilling and septic system.The actual well and septic tank systems meet the building requirements and comply with all existing regulations.This land is a large piece of farmland that has not yet been developed;The value of any available saleable timber and farm buildings on site has not been assessed.
The grade-level house is approximately 1300 square feet and consists of four bedrooms, a four-piece bathroom and a large kitchen with a separate dining room. The living room is large with a fireplace and a small foyer is visible from the garage.The house also has a full basement (1300 square feet) which is divided into a large family space and three other rooms which are mainly used for storage and utilities.
The family room in the basement is finished.There is a separate car attached garage in the living room, 15 feet by 22 feet, and a large outdoor terrace deck facing the West with great views of the farm, rolling hills and lakes.Built in 1963, this House has been very well maintained and renovated in many rooms and can be checked in immediately.
The houses sold by the owners include five electrical appliances, curtains and lamps.The property has excellent market appeal as it is a large private location close to the Lakeside Street in the town of Barry Bay.The property was initially viewed, measured and photographed (both external and internal) in February 28, 2012 ).
Sales related to comparable farmland in the area range from 50 acres to 100 acres worth between $3,000 and $8,000 per acre.Due to the land location of Cybulski Lake, the propertyUsage and multiple functional attributes are considered.Typical vacant water areas on nearby lakes range from $3,000 to $8,000 per acre.
The property combines many unique features, including its curb appeal, rural location, lakefront Street, year-round vacations, agriculture and recreational activities, development potential, distance from a small town and its services, and just one to two hours away, it's convenient to get to the bigger city center.The property is a true gem of the area and an ideal place for anyone seeking a relaxed and hassle-free lifestyle for themselves or their families.Quotation process: if you are interested in making a serious quotation for the hotel, please contact us by email and we will reply to the next step in time.
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