Bangkok - Renting Modern Condos Compared to Older Condos - A Closer Glimpse. - inflatable balls you can get inside

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-31
Bangkok - Renting Modern Condos Compared to Older Condos - A Closer Glimpse.  -  inflatable balls you can get inside
It seems that everyone wants to have a large square meter of Bangkok property that is up to date.
The vast majority of customers who call us to rent tend to get big square meters.
Because of their Thai baht.
Few of our clients will accept a mature apartment.
So the question is, can you get the latest apartment that is reliable in the same size?
The result of this will depend on how flexible you are with your needs.
The biggest difference associated with both is usually square meters, as the old apartment property offers more space than the new one.
For example, Sukhumvit Soi 59 is associated with new clusters and old complexes located not far from each other.
More carefully assess the differences between 2 buildings in the same Soi; Moon Tower -Built-
In the 1990 hotel, you will find facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, lead page, garden and 24-hour security.
The two-bed, two-bathroom condo is fully equipped and can be booked at 202 baht per month.
The unit is clean and the building is beautiful. 59 Heritage -
The next building, which has just been completed this year (2010), now has facilities such as swimming pool, health and fitness center, steam room, garden location and 24-hour security.
There is a fully equipped apartment with two beds and two bathrooms, only 70 square meters, involving a space of 45 000, helping 50 000 baht per month.
Some of the immediate math is known to us, though, that difference is not very subtle.
At almost the same price you might get 132 or more, which is actually another apartment.
Again, a new 1 base, 1 shower apartment may be around 20 000 baht/month instead of an old unit with modern furniture, 1 bath apartment is about 63 square meters for the same fee.
This question comes up again, is it possible to get a larger modern apartment?
The result is Yes, but you have to make some sacrifices in your request.
There are some old buildings that have completely renovated the whole building, including tasting items and using very pleasant square meters to get clean and modern.
You will find that there is such a building with nuts in it, which provides a high price/performance ratio, where some kind of 2 base 2 baht apartment is completely modern, 135, only £ 40 baht/month
I know what you're thinking, who wants to live with a fanatic?
Well, I did mention that you have to be flexible with all your requirements, don't you?
So, in general, can we really get a brand new, modern Bangkok apartment?
Sadly, the result is no, because it's just not building the apartments they use.
But you can find some old buildings that have been turned over into modern buildings.
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