balloon soccer ball Fun Mock Olympic Games for Kids

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-21

Olympic fever?Play your own game at the Olympic GamesHost a theme birthday party or a mock Olympic Games.A small party divides the children into two teams.For larger teams, each team represents a different country.Start with the opening ceremony and finish with a medal for each player.In this simulation activity, Frisbees plays the role of the discus, and everyone in the team has the opportunity to throw.The game can be played in two ways: distance or accuracy.Measure in advance and mark the distance in increments of 2 feet.The team with the largest cumulative distance wins.If the game is played for accuracy (which is a good choice when space is limited), the player will aim at the target.The target can be a bull-Eye or hula hoop on the ground.The team that scored the most points each time they hit the ball won.In this relay race, the baton is a spoon.A bucket of water, a spoon and a glass for each team.The team lined up on the starting line, behind their bucket.Place the glass of each team at the finish line opposite them.The first person in each team dipped the spoon into the bucket, then ran to the finish line and put the water into the team's glass.Then he ran back and handed over the baton to the next player.This is a timed event.It's time for the team with the most water in the Cup to win.Make a simple goal (draw one or draw one on the carton) and blow a few long and thin balloons.The object is to hit the target with the balloon "Arrow.Come with patience and a sense of humor.These balloons can have their own ideas.Players dribble with their feet.Arrange the football cone so the player has to get in and out of the cone between the starting line and the finish line.The team plays one player at a time until everyone on the team takes part in the game.The team with the fastest overall time wins.In this simulated equestrian competition, the children race the stick horse through the obstacle race.Use anything handy to create obstacles to jump, but keep in mind that children will jump with their horses, so the obstacles should not be too high.Adults who set up the course can practice first to ensure that the course is practical.
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