balloon soccer ball Egg Decorating Ideas: Sports-Themed

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-21

If you have athletes at home, here are some ideas for egg decoration that will definitely score at Easter or any time of the year.These eggs are decorated like baseball, football, basketball and football, and are the favorite of fans in any season.In addition to your cooked eggs, you will need permanent marks in red and black, orange acrylic paint, brown acrylic paint (or a mix of red and green), foam paint brush, black craft vinyl or contact paper, craft knife and white glue paper.Use an actual baseball to study the red stitching and gently draw a pencil line on the egg similar to the stitching path.Even if it looks like two separate oval shapes, you will notice the stitching on a continuous line.Along the pencil line, draw the red mark along the path with a red permanent mark.They should look like small red arrows.Keep going until you go where you started.To make football eggs, you need to cut into 10 to 15 Pentagon shapes with black adhesive vinyl.They should be in size between inches and inches.Cut them off with a craft knife.Either draw them on the back of the vinyl first, or print the shape of the Pentagon on the computer and track them on the vinyl with your knife, which is easier.Peel the vinyl five corners shape from the back and place them evenly around the eggs.Depending on how big your shape is, you will have four to five rows and five corners.Smooth the vinyl with your fingers so they lie flat on the eggs.To simulate the groove line in the actual football, draw the line between the five corners using a black permanent mark.Basketball is Brown orange, but it is difficult to dye eggs with food color to the exact color of basketball.Mixing red and yellow dyes together to make orange does not always produce the desired effect.Therefore, it is much easier to paint eggs with orange acrylic paint using foam brush.Apply on one side, let it dry, and then on the other side.Draw a basketball mark with a black permanent marker.There is a line in the middle of the egg, a line in the middle of the egg, and an oval at both ends.Like basketball eggs, football eggs are more easily colored than edible pigments.Paint eggs with brown acrylic with a foam brush.Because the color is dark, two coats may be needed to achieve full coverage.To make the eggs look like football, cut a small piece of white glue paper for the white laces and stripes.If the adhesive paper does not stick correctly to the coated egg, please add a small amount of glue to the paper.Get the whole team together to make these eggs and celebrate the main team.But keep in mind that since the pens and paint used to decorate these eggs are not food-safe, these sports eggs are only used for decorative purposes.So don't throw them into the living room too!
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