Are You A Sleep Walking Zombie? - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-18
Are You A Sleep Walking Zombie?  -  meltdown
Are You a ......Do you have enough sleep?You probably don't.Many people live in modern times......Suffering from chronic, and...sleep deficit.Were you a sleepwalking zombie decades ago?Do you have enough sleep?You probably don't.Many people living in modern industrial society have suffered from lack of sleep for a long time.
Until a few decades ago, most people's lives were very different from ours, and we could hardly recognize them.Until recently, most people lived in small villages or farms, not big cities, in human history.No lights.No fax or emailmails.No internet, no TV.After the sun went down, most of the activity during the day was over.
People work very hard physically, and only a very small number of people have what we call "white collar" jobs.Most people sleep nine to nine and a half hours a night on average.For most people today, sleeping an average of 9 hours a night is an impossible dream.
In our very busy schedule, some things have to be given, and many of us often choose to reduce sleep time.If you listen, or read some popular guide to success, you are usually instructed to work hard, play hard, study hard, be more outgoing, and gain all the advantages you can get.The struggle to the top can be ruthless.Why, even if you try to stay where you are, without losing your position, it may be ruthless.
Where do these successful guides and masters tell you about spending cuts?Why when you sleep?They will tell you that it is a waste of time to sleep more than five or six hours a night.They will tell you that the world is moving forward when you doze off, and if you indulge your desire to sleep, you will never catch up.If you snooze, you lose!They will tell you that you really don't need to sleep two or three more hours a night.
This is just a bad habit you develop.
That itx92s self-indulgent.
A whole night's sleep is the booty of the losers in the game of life.Unfortunately, this suggestion goes against the biology of human beings for thousands of years.It is true that some of us only need to sleep five or six hours a night, but these are the few.
Most of us need seven, eight or even more hours of high-quality sleep every night in order to play the best role in intelligence, body and emotion.In the sleep deprivation experiment conducted on volunteers, it was found that even a few days of lack of sleep can have a significant negative impact on a person's mental ability.It becomes more difficult to concentrate and process information.
The decision is made for longer and the quality is worse.Learning and memorizing new information has become more difficult, and it has become more difficult to recall information that has been learned before.Creativity decreases, and mistakes increase.
A person who does not have enough restorative sleep will have difficulty dealing with technical machinery.In addition, lack of sleep can lead to emotional disorders and mental processing difficulties.As people get less sleep, they may experience more depression and mood swings.
Temper is more likely to break out, and the cooperation between people with insufficient sleep and others will be reduced.Lack of sleep is considered to be the cause of many healthKnown accidents such as the explosion of the Challenger shuttle, the meltdown near the Three mile Island, and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.It is believed that lack of sleep leads to poor decision-making for each of these events and the result is disastrous.
If you add in these examples thousands of other accidents caused by insufficient sleep each year, it is clear that reducing sleep may not be the productivity solution we are looking.If you are studying for an important exam, then you 'd better get a good night's sleep the night before instead of desperately stuffing more information into your head.Remember, your brain uses sleep time to process the information of the day and consolidate new memories.
Reducing sleep for learning can interfere with the process.How do you know if you have enough sleep?The ideal amount varies from person to person and is not always the same.Ask yourself: Do you feel refreshed when you wake up, or do your body crave more sleep?Do you rely on a lot of coffee to get through this day?You can take some measures to improve the quantity and quality of sleep.
For most of us, the first step is to check how much caffeine we consume in the day.Caffeine is a stimulant in coffee, tea and a variety of cola.It also exists in many excesses.the-Prescription drugs.Caffeine quickly enters the blood, and its boost lasts for hours.
If it's hard for you to settle in at night, this is at least partly due to excessive caffeine throughout the day.If you don't get good enough sleep quality, try to reduce the consumption of caffeine drinks to one or two cups a day, or stop drinking caffeine together.For a more peaceful night, don't drink anything caffeine after lunch.
There are plenty of caffeine-free drinks to replace.For most people, drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed promotes drowsiness.Some of us are physically addicted to caffeine and if we try to reduce or completely stop using it, they actually have withdrawal symptoms.
You may find that when you stop taking caffeine, it will take you two weeks to overcome your physical craving for it.At the same time, you may feel headache, dizziness and insomnia.Another factor that affects sleep patterns is drinking alcohol.
While alcohol will initially make you drowsy, it will inhibit the REM phase of sleep, which seems critical to restoring happiness.There are many other possible reasons for poor sleep.If poor sleep quality is a problem for you, it's worth it to be a detective and track down why.
The problem of poor sleep is often easily solved.Poor mattress quality can lead to poor sleep quality.The same is true of poor ventilation in your bedroom.
Or too much light.
Or too much noise.
Or TV.
Do you have enough exercise?Most of us today do not move our bodies as our bodies are designed to move.If we have an office job, we often get so tired when we get home that we don't want to leave the couch.Our brains may run out, but our bodies still need to exercise.
Did you ever go to a practice class and think at the beginning, I really don't want to be here, but you will feel great once you move?Lack of adequate physical exercise can lead to poor sleep quality.However, the strenuous exercise before going to bed makes you too excited to fall asleep.Sleep expert advice: keep the normal schedule of sleep.
Comfortable and quiet bedroom.
Don't use your bed for anything but sex and sleep.Don't put the TV in your bedroom.Exercise at least half an hour a day, preferably outdoors.Slow down your physical and mental activities as bedtime approaches.
At any time, especially before going to bed, develop a relaxed, calm state of mind.Avoid shift work.Avoid doping or alcohol before going to bed.If you 've tried all of these tips and you still feel like you're not sleeping well, you may have a disease that affects the quality of your sleep, or you may be taking drugs that interfere with your sleep.
For example, if you are always tired when you wake up, you may suffer from diseases such as fibromyalgia or sleep suspension.If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, anxious and unable to fall asleep again, this can be caused by depression or stress.These are the situations that should be discussed with your doctor.
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