Anniversary Party Games - inflatable games for adults

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-27
Anniversary Party Games  -  inflatable games for adults
The wedding anniversary is a celebration to commemorate the couple's marriage journey.
The celebration party must be fun and can be achieved by including some fun party games.
We all know that people celebrate their wedding anniversary every year on the day they get married.
Inviting close friends and relatives to the party makes the day even more memorable.
To make the party fun and happen, many ideas for wedding anniversary parties can be considered for couples and guests.
In this game, any partner must be blindfolded, and another partner can only be found through touch.
All guests at the party should try to confuse their blindfolded partners.
If he/she has successfully found a partner or is unable to find it, he/she can announce that and then another partner will go through the same process.
This game requires the guests to decide on their own.
The husband and wife must be taken to a separate room and everyone should face a questionnaire.
The problem must be the type of objective, such as the color you like, the food you like, etc.
The same set of questions must be raised to both of them at the same time, but not with each other.
Then the two can come to the same room and know the answer for each of them.
This part of the game is the most interesting.
The program of this party game is the same as the program of the compatibility check game, the only difference is in the questionnaire.
The same question here is not to ask their own questions, but to refer to each other.
Partner's favorite color, partner's favorite food, etc.
Such questions can be included in the questionnaire.
This game should get active participation from all guests.
The owner can hide something delicious in the house or somewhere outside the house.
You can verbally tell everyone the first thread and write the rest down on paper.
The rule is to work as a couple throughout the hunting process.
However, since the owners and couples already know the location of the treasure, they cannot participate in this game.
This game can be played by dividing guests into two equal teams.
The team can be like this, all the wives in one team and the husbands of the other team, or can ask the couple to pick the chocolate with the team name on it.
Suppose there are two teams, team A and Team B.
Team members of Team A must tell A member of Team B A word or A movie.
Group B members must perform the name or word of the movie and his team members must guess.
Otherwise, he can draw pictures of words related to the word but not accurate, and his team members must guess the name of the movie based on the picture.
In the drawing picture game, there must be a certain time limit or a limit on the number of pictures that can be drawn as a prompt.
The game is perfect for couples and it takes more than just spiritual coordination to win the game.
This game requires perfect physical coordination between husband and wife.
The game is played by handing over large chart files to every couple.
When the music starts, they have to dance on paper.
But the couple had to be on paper when the music stopped.
Even if one of them is late when stepping on the paper, or if his feet are 1mm outside, the pair will be eliminated.
In the next round, the paper must be folded in half, repeating the same process.
In the next round, the folded paper was further folded in half, and the game continued until a couple stayed on the dance floor.
For a couple celebrating their first or second wedding anniversary, the above game is very interesting.
For anniversaries, you can choose simple games such as telling an unforgettable event or copying the sounds and movements of your partner.
Also, for more participation, please choose group games for your anniversary party.
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