Allan Kempert Discovers That Truly All You Gotta Do Is Ask - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-27
Allan Kempert Discovers That Truly All You Gotta Do Is Ask  -  fireproof
I met Alan kebaymont about a year ago.Allen, the Quality Assurance Director of a metal stamping company in Ontario, has just completed Norman Bodek's book, creative generator, for quick and easy improvement.As Allen explained, he could not put the book down because it was such an easy way that he knew it would enhance the ability of his staff at the workplace.In fact, Alan had several tears in his eyes while reading the book, as he realized that he had met a gem.
He spoke to people in his department and explained how the project worked.He convinced them that it would be good for the company to launch a pilot project within their department.After finishing the book, Alan and I made an appointment to start convincing the president and vice presidentThe president of his company said they needed to accompany him to see how another company implemented the process.
Allen's theory is to learn from other people's mistakes, because we don't have time in this world to make them ourselves.Each department of the company has a project leader;A team of 12 people was brought together to study the problems of traditional suggested projects, causes, and solutions.These solutions are based on quick and easy improvements and conversations between Alan and me.
Allen will implement an idea system in which people implement their own ideas.That's the difference between him and the recommendation system, where ideas are often referred to a committee that either hands over ideas to a Department for review or kills ideas.Everyone in the company was trained in new ideas programs.
In fact, training includes encouraging people to come up with ideas during training.By the end of the training, 100 employees had put forward more than 104 ideas.The team conducted a validity review.They ask questions, ask questions to project participants and non-project participantsParticipants questions related to the project.
This helps to improve the plan.
What the team really stands out about is that by asking people to make their work easier, which is the main focus at the beginning of the project, people comment that they feel empowered and listened, it's like someone cares, it's nice to work and so on.The team also pointed out that the ideas coming in are not only related to making people's work easier, but also to safety.5S and cost savings.Alan likes to point out a statement explaining this.
Gandhi said, "take care of the means, the purpose will take care of yourself ".When you write down everything you have to do, I will share ideas and ideas with Alan.Cotton cloth is used to clean lubricants in the hands of machines, parts and operators.
The employee collects the rag in the fire tank and regularly counts the rag one by one at the center of the factory within one week.An operator submitted and approved the idea of placing a small counter on his fire tank.When he put the rag in the jar, he simply turned off how many rags were in the jar.
When he goes to the central place to put down the rag, all he has to do is throw away the rag.Alan is reading the quick and easy improvement board, where he posted information about sharing ideas and reading about anti-ideas.He then encouraged an employee to talk to the person in charge of the rag recycling program and investigate why a rag needs to be counted.
It turns out that about 15 years ago, the rag supplier was the only one to track the number of wipes and there was a difference.Part of the solution is to have the parties count the rag in a short period of time to determine what happened.However, counting has continued since then.
All operators of the factory were asked to stop counting the rag.The operator's work is easier, starting from an idea, simplifying the operator's work by adding a counter to his jar, and the company finds that more than 150 hours a year can improve efficiency.Some people may be embarrassed by such communication mistakes and feel uncomfortable sharing.
However, Allen said, "Let's expose waste without pointing fingers, reap rewards, and learn from mistakes, because the only real mistake is that we don't learn from them.Allen continues to lead his staff to small improvements that will make their work better and will also find some big improvements.He was recently promoted to assistant production supervisor.
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