airbag Car manufacturers admit to refitting vehicles with faulty Takata airbags

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-08
airbag Car manufacturers admit to refitting vehicles with faulty Takata airbags
At least five automakers in Australia have recalled their vehicles on dangerous airbags just to retrofit them with the same faulty product, a survey chosen by consumer groupsxa0Found it.Manufacturer is one of 14 Australian manufacturers affected by global recallxa0Takadaxa0Airbag, whichxa018 people have now died.xa0More than 180 injured worldwideIt may also be caused by an airbag failure.
The airbag has the potential to explode and send metal shrapnel and other materials into the cabin of the vehicle, as the gas used to inflate may becomexa0Fluctuate over time.The Australian Competition and Consumer Council has launched a further investigation into how to deal with the recall,xa0The Infrastructure and Regional Development Department, which is monitoring the recall, is "urgently seeking" information.April to datexa0Select 14 manufacturers who have contacted the recall many timesxa0Confirm whetherxa0They are refitting the vehicle with the same dangerous airbag and therefore needxa0Second recallWhile Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Lexus and Subaru are all allowed to choosexa0They made the same replacement, and perhaps even more worrying is that other manufacturers continue to refuse to share this information with the public, "said Tom Godfrey, a spokesman for the choice.
Honda andxa0Nissan is one of the recall manufacturers.Affected vehicles determined by choicexa0Remain silent on security issues.Findingsxa0Also Emphasizedxa0It is reported that consumers who responded to the recall were told that they mustxa0After waiting for more than six months, their car can only drive.
New state police said Fridayxa058-deathyear-Oldxa0In July 13, the small business owner, Huy Neng Ngo, may have been caused by an airbag failure.When his Honda CRV collided with a Toyota Celica in Cabramatta, Mr. Ngo was killed.Rod Sims, president of ACCC, said Mr. Ngo's death was "very sad" and made people aware of the seriousness of the problem.
"We will be very concerned if manufacturers are found to mislead consumers," he said, adding that ACCC will speak "urgently" to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development.\ "When this problem is firstxa0Here.xa0Light,xa0Just the industryxa0There is no abilityxa0Replacementxa0They are.However, we are told that there arexa0Enoughxa0Stocks, soxa0We will question any suggestions.
xa0Referencexa0Six-month wait.
Mr Sims said that although it was initially believed that the new airbags were notxa0Same.xa0Faulty so some vehicles need a second recall now.Contact with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development for comments, but did not respond before the deadline.
A Subaru.
xa0Australian spokesman saidxa07359 carsxa0Fixedxa0The airbag needs to be replaced again."We also purchased 63,670 airbags that do not need to be replaced later. it is expected thatxa0"By the end of 2017, 76,882 of these airbags will be delivered," she said .
" She added that the increase in available parts is decreasingxa0Waiting for consumers.In Australiaxa0More than 2xa0As of April, there were millions of vehicles affected, of which 31 had replaced the problematic airbags.A spokesman for Toyota and Lexus saidxa0Takada-The inflators produced "no desiccant" have been a safe alternative for years, but they also need to be replaced again.
\ "Potential future recall of certain modelsxa0"We will continue to take the necessary actions, bearing in mind the safety and security of our customers," he said .".A Nissan spokesman said in a statement that the company is conducting a number of voluntary product safety recalls to investigate airbag inflation modules for various Nissan models.ACCC will review closelyxa0Ensure that each manufacturer complies with the current recall strategy for its obligations.
Drivers who are advised to drive affected vehiclesxa0Keepxa0The latestxa0Product safety in Australiaxa0Latest Consumer UpdateFairfax Media contacted Mazda, BMW andxa0Hondaxa0But they did not reply before the deadline.National Highway Traffic Safety Administration emphasizes the Choice investigationxa0In last June, 660 of the 245,000 airbags broke.\ "If you apply the same percentage of these failures to 1.
44 million cars have not been recalled in Australia, and the number of airbags that will be defective will be 3889, "the Choice found
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