airbag Baby and Toddler - Car Seat Safety

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-05
airbag Baby and Toddler - Car Seat Safety
Most parents know that car seats are the safest way to travel for him or her children, and most parents use car seats.The problem is always that these people, in fact about 80%, do not use their car seats properly and they do not even know.The easiest mistake to correct is to make sure your child comes out of the right car seat that suits his or her age and they really face it on the right path.
The other typical mistake is that the seat belt is also loose, or the position is incorrect, and even the seat belt chest clip is incorrect.A huge mistake is to put the baby seat in front of the airbag.Some fathers and mothers generally do not lock the seat belt properly and do not use a lock clip for seat belts that are not normally automatically locked.
Some people are often unable to locate seats accurately.Make sure he or she is in the right seat, depending on the age of the baby.It happens that there are fewer babies out of date than a year, and more than 20 pounds of them must be in the rear facing car seat.
Many babies will be 20 pounds years earlier than their original birthday, but they have to face the first birthday.It's the same for an ancient but not 20 pounds-year-old baby, but they need to face the rear.When your little one is in a season of 20 pounds, they can sit in the front seat.
They can take this seat for a holiday until they are really 40 pounds years old.If your little one is over 40 pounds, then they have to sit in a power chair that is very well positioned.This is probably where they will most likely stay until they are 8 years old.
The seat belt with booster seat needs to be used until the end, the small seat belt is at least 80 pounds and 4 feet, 9 inch high.By then, as long as these seat belts are positioned correctly, they will use the knee/shoulder strap of the vehicle.The knee part needs to be placed on the hips, not on the belly.
The shoulder part wants to cross their shoulders instead of rubbing their neck.All children aged 12 and under must continue in the rear if they can.You will find that the father and mother should have a double test before their little ones are protected in the car seat.
When using a rear facing baby or a rear facing convertible seat, you need to make sure that the chest clip is located under the arm, not the abdomen.The seat belt wants to be comfortable and straight, not twisted or loose.Rear facing seat belts usually need to be equal to the shoulders of young people, or slightly lower than the shoulders.
The angle of the seat is generally in the 45-degree stage.Of course, do not place baby seats facing the rear at the entrance to the airbag.When facing the child, the seat belt must be on the child's shoulder or slightly above.
Mom and dad should use the top of the line harness slots.The straps need to be comfortable and limited, and the chest clip requirements are usually in the middleChest or underarm.The mother and father must stay away from the car seats, which were recalled in the crash and far more than four years ago.
There should be no cracks in your car seat, missing parts, instructions or labels that show the design range and the date of manufacture.Please always review all instructions before installing
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