airbag 5 star Euro NCAP

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-06
airbag 5 star Euro NCAP
Mitsubishi ASX confirmed its engineering excellence through the results of the European NCAP crash test, which is a 5-Many advantages of Mitsubishi ASX.Shape optimization including octagonal-For better energy absorption, the front-side components are segmented, tripleThe leg bearing structure that connects the back end of the front side member with the dashboard cross Center and the lower part can effectively disperse the frontal collision energy and strengthen the beam belt where the side Member steel bars are welded togetherThe measures complement Mitsubishi's proprietary rise (enhanced collision safety evolution) and aim to integrate and interconnect structural elements in order to actively protect passengers during the accident.Mitsubishi ASX also provides a complete palette of active and passive safety devices including active stability control, traction control, hill start assist system, ABS, electronic brake assignment, brake assist, emergency stop signal system, 7 airbags (includingDriver knee airbag according to market and version ).
Mitsubishi ASX has won more than 22,665 customers in the region during CY2010 since its launch in Europe in late spring 2010
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