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The verdant green cottage bar pine trees cover the wilderness area of the Holy Cross Mountain.When the gray rocky peaks hedge against the universe, the sky of cobalt outlines the undulating mountain tundra.Snow in the ValleyThe sparkling river winds through the boulders, while the wildlife is "too silent and unreal" in the dark forest ".
In this wilderness, the Circle of Life maintains some kind of perfection, only those who dare to enter that Wild Kingdom know.My friend Al and I drove along a dusty mountain road through a river that led to a quiet canyon.We walked half a dozen miles along the river and then stopped in front of a path.
"That's it," I said.
"Become that place and let's start moving before the sun goes further down.We hung our backpacks on our backs and walked onto the rocky path.In front of us, in the afternoon sun, cypress trees, pine trees and wild flowers sparkled.
The trail, full of roots and gray rocks, climbed up steep."Welcome to the wilderness of Holy Cross Mountain ".We accelerated along a firm path towards the rocky lake of Valden.
The trail runs through the pine trees and then through the trembling pine trees.Soon it went through a piece of grass filled with wild flowers of white, red, pink, yellow, purple and orange.We walked to the waist through a piece of flowers and lush vegetation.
The purple bell-shaped flower reached 4 feet, but did not emit any fragrance.However, all the flowers come together with a pleasant perfume in our nostrils.On our right, a large meadow of yellow, white and red exploded.
Of course, the trail came from them.
We worked hard, rested for a while, and watched the sky in the long ridge change from the sun to the dark blue, and the golden clouds were stung by the sunset."We need to get our ass ready," I said ."."The darkness will come in 45 minutes."I'm with you," said Al, grabbing his water bottle for the last sip.We went from 8,500 feet to 11,000.foot base camp.The path became steep again, but our firm efforts made us have a great time on our way to our destination at sunset.
Up, we climbed up a beautiful, almost magical stream of white water, rolling over the rocks and trees in front of us.Its white music plays in the evening air.Delicious drunk!After crossing the stream, we advanced along the ridge until we reached the heavy rock formations and the last stop of the thick Aspen.In Aspen, four.White, pie-high feetThe ground of the forest is covered with flowers, just as someone threw thousands of white fedora at a height of 4 feet.
Every once in a while, a purple flower shoots into the white fields, but Aspen's trunk dominates, and the green grass outlines every part of the woods.Higher up, we climbed the pine trees, big stones and fallen trees deep in the forest.When we passed by, a few squirrels were babbling at us.
On the top of the head, a lazy eagle flew into the last ray of sunshine.The sky turns Silver BlueIn the last chapter of the day's story, the golden clouds glide across the sky.I said, "I smell the lake .""I think we might beat the darkness of the magic Lake.
"I got the lights for my minors," Al said ."."So I can go.After another 20 minutes, we walked through several dead logs until the last light reflected from the glass still water of magic Lake.At the front, a completely stationary surface reflects the snow plain 13,000 feet above the lake.
Tall pine trees surround the magical lakes, and they reflect their silence on the water.We walked into a meadow near the coastline."Oh my God," said Al."You're not kidding ...... This is great ...... It's so beautiful.”“Yup,” I said."This place attracts my spirit to the center.
"We set up a tent, open the air mattress, and open the sleeping bag.For the perfect day, of course, a fire gives the perfect answer.Soon, the flame licked in the air of the night, and a faint smoke rolled into the pine shed, rising towards the stars, and now came out one by one.
Soon after, we made a steaming pasta.
While we were waiting for dinner, the atmosphere was tense at night.How does the hot pasta primavera taste after two hours of 2,000 feet climbing 40 pound packs?"Well, well," Al sighed."Man, that's the answer!"Yes, well," I said.
"Wait a minute.
try my raspberry.
"Can't wait," Al said .
I cooked the freeze.
After he finished eating the pasta, he delivered the dry mixture to Al."After a perfect day, talk about the perfect taste," he said ."."Did you see the 13er reflected from the lake?” I said.
"You need it to reach the top.
"I'm ready," Al said .
When the Big Dipper, Orion, Polaris and millions of other flashing galaxies crossed the black ink above us, we hit the sack.Next morning!Al opened the tent and saw the smooth waters of the calm glass of the "magic Lake."There's nothing better than that," he said .
I climbed out of the tent, "You're right!For breakfast, we ate oatmeal and apples.Later, in order to protect the animals, we removed the camp and hung our backpacks on the trees.We brought all the food and water together.
We look out of the lake and out of the gap peak.“You game?” Al said.I said, "Man, I'm with you .".We walked into the forest and found no trails, so we opened our own way.It climbed up until we passed through a stream full of flowers and green grass.
From there, we found a bunch of purple corumbeen flowers.We climbed out of the woods to a ridge that leads to the rocky peak in front of us.A path allows us to go back to the ridge.Once we got there, we found ourselves swallowed up by the tundra flowers on the way into the rocks.
Large, 50 tons, small, 10 tons and many other tons of 5 pounds tons.We went through the rocks, then through the snow, and back to the stone pile.Along the way, there are more flowers, Moss, butterflies and bees.
And spider webs between rocks!Look forward!With every break in the rocky fields, we are on a grass with thousands of pink, yellow, purple, white and red tundra flowers.All of this is smaller than the pin's head!Just amazing!We climbed up the rock from the rock.We took a break and then went back to the place where we climbed the mountain.
We drank the water and climbed back.
We walked step by step, hour by hour towards the top of the mountain.At noon, we reached the top of the gap 13,271 feet above sea level.Al handed me the jar and said, "Some people left a small jar with pencils and paper to sign your name .
"I can't imagine too many people here," I said ."."I'm going to be cursed!There are already quite a few people reaching their peak in July!We signed and sat on top of our world.Around us, snow-covered peaks dominate!Mt.
The vast, Elbert, collegial, Gore, Capitol, and thousands of peaks tilt their jagged peaks into the raging blue sky.We ate and drank while chatting about climbing the mountain.We fill that gap with a story that will never be told unless we enter the wilderness.
John Moore said: "Thousands of people are tired, nerves ......shaken, over-Civilized people began to find that they were going home in the mountains.The wild is a must;Mountain parks and reserves are the springs of life.
For the climbers, we fill in the gaps of flowers that are not appreciated or hot sunsets.We herald a sunrise full of expectations.When he climbed up, a groundhog stood up and looked at us and said, "Welcome to my world."Then a pickup truck squeaked into his language and ran back into his hole.
Above our heads, the Eagles soar in the hot air for the pure joy of the day.As climbers, we became part of the wilderness.We went into dreams, fantasies, and reality.
We have created a story where there is no other than the lazy indifference of the universe to our existence.We must all come down from that mountain and create great satisfaction while summing up the mountain.We must return to the mainstream of our lives.
Al and I passed through the rocky fields, through the flowers, through the snow, through the tundra, through the woods, through the steep dykes, and soon we arrived at the "magic Lake ".I said, "I sweat my sweaty back and I have to jump in ."."This is the perfect place," Al said .".I stripped my clothes and sneaked into the cold snow water of "magic Lake.
"Yeah," I screamed.
“Not too bad!Around me I saw two heavy trout swim past!Steller jays looks from the tree.Squirrels chatter like machine guns.The dragon dances in the air.Later, we carried our backpack on our shoulders and walked down the mountain.At the last look at Magic Lake, we went for another two hours.
At the bottom, we are a little tired, full of visual and spiritual joy, and we look back at the peaks we have experienced.Now, we share our story, we create a story that doesn't exist until we walk into the wilderness.Good news and spiritual happiness for those who come to this rugged country.
As my dear friend John Moore said, "Last night we were in the heart of the mountain, under the trees and stars, shrouded in solemn silence, how deep we slept --!Our first pure mountain day, warm, calm, cloudless,-How immeasurable it looks, how calm and wild it is!I remember the beginning of it., Unfold, unfold in glorious and exuberant luxury ,--There are new birds in the nest, new winged creatures in the air, new leaves everywhere, new flowers, spread, sparkly, and rejoicing
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