air mattress Tempur-Pedic Mattresses: Good for your Spine?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-18
air mattress Tempur-Pedic Mattresses: Good for your Spine?
The right mattress could mean a good sleep instead of a difference between tossing and turning sides and chronic back pain.The ideal mattress provides comfortable back support.The memory foam line of the mattress that claims \ r to completely change these two issues, Tempur-Perhaps pedic is the most famous.
But is it really good for your spine?Or is the price too high \ rhoax?Tempur-When NASA wants to develop a huge \ rg-The power of astronauts.Swedish scientists have discovered that-Relief substances can also benefit from the Earth as a sleeping surface.Thanks to the unique cellular structure in the Tempur material, billions of cells breathe and readjust to the individual's movement and body structure during sleep.
Tempur \ rcells of the same size and shape provide the best comfort and long life.According to \ rtemur-The Pedic website, the benefits of the spine come from multiple layers of the Tempur material, each layer has a different Foundation to reduce stress, maximize comfort and have therapeutic benefits for the back.The top floor of the mattress will respond to your unique body temperature and weight.
When you sink into the mattress and redistribute your weight, the second layer adjusts to support your spine in perfect alignment.The working principle at the bottom is to increase the airflow, overall comfort and responsiveness.Since Temple-Pedic technology \ r reacts to the slightest movement and acknowledges the most unique \ r curve in your body, your hips and shoulders can sink into the mattress, maintain natural bending with full support.
\ RTraditional box spring mattress works through the counterStress forces your body into an unnatural position, leading to poor sleep, stress points, reduced blood flow, and back pain.Mixed customer reviews prove that some people think Tempur-Pedic and others are wasting money.For all the scientific researchOn the website, the anatomy seems to have found Tempur-The Pedic has no medical benefits for the spinal cord.
The back depends on gravity, when you stand up (usually during the day) and compress the spine based on your backPut it out at night.Due to the lack of blood vessels in the spine, when the back is compressed during the day, the garbage oozes the disc between the spine and at night, and the back absorbs new minerals and nutrients.Tempur-The Pedic mattress allows your shoulders to sink, secure the top of your spine in one place, and it also sinks when your lower back sinks.
This process prohibits the decompression required for the spinal cord, and your disc will never get the protein needed for reconstruction, nor will it have the opportunity to remove the build-up of waste, resulting in disc herniation and chronic pain.While none of the single mattress works for all people with back pain, in general, a strong mattress only increases spinal cord problems.Except Tempur-The memory foam of the Pedic and other brands, poor sleepers raved about adjustable beds and air mattresses.
Finally, personal preferences determine the mattress for you and your spinal cord.We always recommend that our patients first really define the main problem of their sleep, and then make mattress purchase decisions based on how the mattress solves this problem.But many stores 30-One day trial, so give it a try and hopefully you'll soon be able to find a mattress that will make your sweet dream come true without a stiff back.
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