air mattress Quick and Easy Air Mattress Repair

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-12
air mattress Quick and Easy Air Mattress Repair
The air mattress is perfect for camping and for extra overnight guests.In some cases, the air mattress is a replacement for the actual bed.They are comfortable and easy to walk around.
However, they become pain in the rear when the air leaks.Unless the hole is large, there seems to be no reason for the air in the bed to disappear.There is an easy way to locate small holes that allow air to escape, although this is unconventional.
Once you find the hole in the air mattress, fixing it is as simple as fixing the inner tube of the bike.2-Turn on the air plug on the air mattress and let the air escape completely.Most air mattresses have a pump that can be reversed to take out the air and fill the air mattress.
The mattress should be flat on the floor.
Pour 2-Put the quart water into the air plug with a water tank.No, you can't turn your mattress into a water bed.No matter how small the escape route is, the water will look for the escape route.
Just ask the people who messed up the plumbing tape and faucet threads.Turn off the air plug and lift the end of the mattress to distribute the water evenly.Put the mattress flat.Starting from a corner, tap the comfort groove of the air mattress gently with the palm of your hand.
Most of the pin holes on the air mattress are where the comfort grooves are sewn.Continue tapping each groove until you feel the water.If this does not happen on one side of the air mattress, please flip it and try the other side.
You will find the Pin Hole area.
Mark the area of water penetration with a marker pen or pen.Place a large bucket on the floor next to the air plug.Open the air plug and when you place the open plug on the bucket, ask your spouse or assistant to lift the other end of the mattress.
Drain the water completely out of the air mattress.Fill the air with an air pump with an air mattress.Turn off the air plug once the air mattress is full.
Lay your spouse on a bed close to the hole area.While tempting now, it's not time to play with your spouse in bed.Put your ears by the hole and listen to the small hiss of the air.
Move your finger along the seam until the Hiss stop.Mark the area again with a marker pen or pen.This is where you need to place the air mattress patch.
Open the air plug and release all air from the air mattress.Buy a bicycle tire repair kit.The kit comes with a small bottle of rubber cement, several rubber patches and a small flat scraper.Clean the area around the pin hole on the air mattress with cloth.
Most likely there is a hole in the fabric side of the air mattress.There is no need to scrape the area with a scraper.Cut a longer piece of rubber patch with scissors.
The patch should be 2-Inch long, at least 3/4-inches wide.This provides sufficient coverage on the outside of the pin hole as well as on the hole itself.Lay a thin layer of rubber cement in the patch area of the air mattress.
The cement should cover the size of the patch and cover it a little.You can apply a slightly thicker cement directly to the area above the pin hole.Let the rubber cement dry for one minute.Peel the backing off the adhesive side of the rubber patch.
Place the rubber patch on the air mattress above the pin hole.Start in the middle, press the patch and slide your finger to each side.This will squeeze any bubbles between the patch and the air mattress.
Put some plastic wrap on the patch, and put a few heavy books on the patch and plastic wrap.Plastic wrap helps prevent the patch cement from sticking to the book.Keep the patch undisturbed for an hour.Remove the book and plastic wrap.Fill the air mattress with air.Let your spouse lie on the mattress when you listen to the air.
Now you can play with your spouse on the air mattress.Also, you don't have to use a tape
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