air mattress How to Patch a Hole in an Inflatable Mattress

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-12

Inflatable mattresses are convenient for camping and for guests to spend the night at home.They are relatively cheap and easy to store.In addition, the inflatable mattress on the market today is quite comfortable.A common problem with air mattresses is that holes are prone to appear.Don't throw the mattress out because it has holes.You can fix a hole in the cushion of the inflatable bed and return it to like-There was a new situation soon.Buy the repair bag of the bicycle inner barrel.You can find these kits anywhere you sell your bike.Determine where the holes are on the air mattress.Fill the mattress and listen to the hiss of the air leak.Make a small mark on the mattress with a marker pen or tape to record the position of the hole.Remove all the air from the mattress.To make it easier to patch the holes, you have to deflate the mattress completely.Place the pads in the repair kit on the holes.Use the glue included in the kit to stick the edge of the liner to the hole.Apply the glue to the bottom of the patch.Place the patch on top of the mat.Apply more glue on the edge of the patch, if necessary, and fix it on the mat.Slide on the patch with your finger and release any bubbles in the glue.Let the patch dry thoroughly before inflating the mattress.The description of the repair bag will include the specific drying time.Apply the Ocean Goop to the hole to obtain an alternative repair method.Apply the marine Goop coating directly to the hole.The glue should be around 1/16.inch thick.Apply glue with a small brush and then smooth on the hole.Let it dry for 48 hours before inflating the mattress.The last method is to fix the hole with rubber cement.Apply a large amount of rubber cement to the hole using a small paint brush.Let the cement dry overnight before refilling the mattress.
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