air mattress How to Make Your Own Foam Sleeper Chair

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-12

Foam sleeper chairs are handy when there is insufficient space or frequent visits.The bulky sofa bed is uncomfortable and rigid.When you or your bed companion roll over, the air mattress deflates when you move or let you bounce.Foam sleeper chair is the answer to these extra sleepspace needs.Kids love bubble sleeper chairs for GamesRoom activities and overnight activities.By using Velcro tape, your foam sleeper chair can be cleaned and can be used for years.The foam sleeper chair is easy to make and store and is much cheaper than the retail version of the futon or luxury foam sleeper sofa or chair.Cut two rectangles 74 inch long and 38 inch wide.Stitch edges with 1-1Inch sewing allowance, leave a 38-inch end open.At one end of the opening, sew the Velcro tape on one side of the fabric.Sew the other half of the Velcro tape on the other side of the fabric at the opening end.Turn it out insideInsert three foam or sponges, one by one, until all three are in the box.Close the Velcro opening.The foam sleeper chair can be stitched off instead of using Velcro tape, but with Velcro tape the lid can be removed, cleaned, dried and returned ---Thus extending the service life of the foam sleeper chair.
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