air mattress How to Fix a Hole in an Air Bed With Rubber Cement

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-12

Rubber cement was originally made to fix two pieces of rubber together.It also adds an ingredient as a suitable adhesive to fix the air mattress holes.Rubber cement contains uncured rubber in the solvent.After application, the solvent is dry, leaving a flexible rubber adhesive--Ideal for successful repair of air bed holes.Two wet towels.Add a gentle drop of dish liquid to the wet paper towel.Rub the dish liquid into the towel and make a foam.Wipe the damaged area of the air bed with a soap tissue.Wipe off the foam with another wet tissue.Let the air dry.Cut the cotton from the end of the cotton swab.Dip the end of the stick into a can of rubber cement to collect some adhesive.Poke the end of the cotton swab into the hole and fill it with rubber cement.Two, three, 1/2-A few inches of rubber bandThe thickness of the rubber band you should use depends on the size of the hole.Poke the pieces of the rubber band into the hole.Dry the rubber cement.Trim off any prominent rubber bands with scissors.Sprinkle in the repaired area with talcum powder or corn starch to prevent dirt from sticking to the area.
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