air bubble soccer Role Of Preform Defect Chart In Ensuring Best Quality Of PET Bottles

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-24
air bubble soccer Role Of Preform Defect Chart In Ensuring Best Quality Of PET Bottles
PET bottles are widely used in different industries and products are packaged in them for better safety and storage.PET bottles are better packaging options because they are more robust and durable and less susceptible to chemicals.PET bottle manufacturers need to ensure that the product is best to ensure the quality and safety of the goods packed in it.
Pre-forming is the most initial step to blow the PET bottle and get the perfect pet bottle;Pre-made rods for blowing must be free of any defects.To detect the effect in the pre-forming, the manufacturer uses a reference drawing called the pre-forming defect drawing.In this chart, 12 different defects are listed in preforms.
These defects may be caused by defects in the manufacturing process or resin used for blowing bottles.Presto provides a pre-made rod defect map that lists all 12 defects that can be found in pre-made rods under natural light and polarization.This pre-formed defect map is provided with the polarizer for comparing the images obtained from the polarizer with the images given in the defect map.
.Thermal degradation is caused by three reasons.First, the temperature of reform is too high.Besides thatThe uniform temperature of the pre-made Rod and the rapid cooling of the pre-made rod during the manufacturing process can also lead to thermal degradation.
When the cooling time of the preformed body is too long and the cooling of the preformed body is insufficient, this defect will be found in the preformed body.In addition, low pressure relief is also the cause of this defect.This is caused when the tip temperature of the premade rod is very high and there is not enough cooling.
The side wall fog in the premade rod is caused by poor operation of the dryer.This may also be due to the high injection speed.In the manufacturing process, if there is a bubble in the premade bar, then this defect will be found in the premade bar.
This defect causes a decrease in the strength of the bottle.In the manufacturing process of pre-forming, if very high injection speed or long gate length are used, flow line turbulence in pre-forming is caused.Sinking is caused by insufficient cooling of the reform and the use of re-grinding.
In addition, there may be no water leakage.Or there is a back pressure in the manufacturing process.This is also known as a silver stripe defect.
This is due to the very high pressure and hold time.The injection time is long and the decompression rate is low.Water leakage and condensation on the surface of the mold is the main cause of this defect.
Due to the presence of reverse pressure and a higher injection holding time, flickering in the pre-forming can be caused.The short note is caused by inappropriate resin viscosity and improper injection speed, Mold temperature and nozzle temperature.Use with a polarizer.The user can view the sample under polarized light and natural light, and then the image obtained from the instrument can be compared with the image given in the Presto pre-formed defect map, and discard defective pre-forming in order to save time resources and money.
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