air bubble soccer How to Remove Air Bubbles From Dried Mod Podge

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-22

Mod Podge is a de-coupling medium that allows you to stick photos, fabrics, wallpaper, paper towels and anything else to the surface of the item.Sometimes, when you go to coupling, bubbles form if you are not wary of smoothing out coupling as you continue.If you just dry your creations to find big or small bubbles, don't despair.Bubbles can be removed easily and your project will look spectacular.Evaluate bubbles.Make sure they're in the corner of your ship, it's hard to get there or in the center, it's easy to see.Select tools according to location.Regardless of size, choose the bubble in the corner and the Mod Podge scraper of the toothpick, or the bubble pitch anywhere else.Grab your tool and remove the bubbles.Roll the scraper tool into the corner and flatten the bubbles.Poke the bubble with a toothpick, or push the pin with your finger and smooth it.Brush a brush on another layer of Mod Podge to seal the area where you remove the bubbles.Let the decoupling page dry and complete the project as needed.
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