air bubble soccer Corneal Transplants; What Are They?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-25
air bubble soccer Corneal Transplants; What Are They?
A corneal transplant is a surgical procedure to remove and replace all or part of the cornea.The cornea is the front window of the eye, which covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber.The cornea consists of 5 layers;Epithelial, Bowman layer, Matrix, Posterior elastic layer membrane and endothelial.
If one or more of these layers is sick or damaged, a corneal transplant may be required.There are three main types of corneal transplant surgery, each with different parts of the cornea replaced as needed.All types of corneal transplants use donor tissue instead of diseased or damaged corneal tissue.
Donor tissue is removed from the healthy clear cornea of the dead donor eye.This type of corneal transplant replaces the full thickness of the cornea with a healthy and clear donor tissue, which is required when the cornea is severely damaged or disease, where no other surgical options are availablePK can be performed either locally or under general anesthesia, which takes about one to two hours to complete.During the procedure, remove the central 8mm corneal button and sew the similar size button of the donor cornea with small stitches.
Vision will be blurred and/or cloudy for several days after surgery, about 12-18 months.The stitches may be removed three months after surgery, but complete stitches are not performed until at least one year after surgery.After surgery, about 75% of transplant recipients have enough vision to drive legally once fully healed, but in order to get the best out of sight, glasses or contact lenses may be required.
This type of corneal transplant is a local thickness transplant that replaces the anterior 99% of the cornea with a donor cornea.Unlike penetrating corneal transplants, DALK retains the back layer, Posterior elastic layer, and internal cortex of the cornea and uses it as an alternative to PK when these back layers of the cornea are healthy.The operation itself is basically the same as PK, but less donor cornea is used.
Similarly, stimuli are used to maintain the position of donor tissue, but since only part of the cornea is replaced, healing and visual recovery are usually faster than PK.In order to get the best vision after surgery, glasses or contact lenses may be required.This type of corneal transplant is a local thickness transplant that replaces only the back layer of the cornea.
Different from the above two transplant methods, EK can be further divided into two ways;The Posterior elastic layer stripped the endothelial corneal graft (DSEK) and the posterior elastic layer membrane endothelial corneal graft (DMEK ).Both DSEK and DMEK are very similar, and the procedure for executing them is the same, but DMEK is different because the donor corneal tissue does not include any basal tissue.The consultant eye surgeon will decide which surgery is necessary based on the existing injury or disease.
Use EK transplant when there is a problem with the posterior cornea.To help keep the cornea transparent, cells inside the corneal pump fluid can stop the corneal swelling, and if there are not enough cells due to disease or damage, then the cornea starts to swell, the vision becomes cloudy.Compared with PK and DALK, the operation was performed differently;It will again be under local or general anesthesia, but a very small incision is made between the color of the eye and the white part.
The eye surgeon removes dysfunctional endothelial cells through this opening and puts the donor cell disc back into the eye.The skin cells in the donor body are pressed by bubbles on the back of the cornea, and the patient needs to rest for about 1 hour after surgery to ensure that the bubbles remain in place.Occasionally, a few stitches may be required to close the incision.
The vision will stay blurry or cloudy in a few days and will get better over 3 days4 months, like all types of corneal transplants, glasses or contact lenses may be required after surgery to get the best vision
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