air bubble football How to Get Bubbles Out of Decals

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-29
Decals can be attractive add-ons for windows or walls.Put a decal on your window to honor your favorite sports team, or use a few decals on your bedroom wall to create the look of the Enchanted Forest.Bubbles develop when pasting flowers, or they form over time.
Because the bubbles are not beautiful, it will affect the sealing between the decal and the surface, and if possible, it is better to remove them from the decal.Turn on the hair dryer and heat it on the decal.Press the straight edge at the bottom of the decal, such as the edge of a credit card, razor or putty knife.
Keep the straight edge at a 45 degree angle.Slowly through the straight edge of the decal in an upward fashion.When you move the straight edge on the decal, the bubbles are squeezed out of the decal upwards.
Any remaining small bubbles pop up.
Gently create a small crack on the surface of the decal above the bubble with a sharp blade to let the air escape.Smooth the surface of the decal with straight edges
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