adult inflatable slide Recalling The Childhood From The Inflatable Slide Clown

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-29
adult inflatable slide Recalling The Childhood From The Inflatable Slide Clown
Do you like slides when you are a child?As we slide down from the top, the wind blows to your face and looks at the smiling faces of dad or mom.This is a beautiful memory in our lives.Childhood is beautiful.But it's not long before the case.We are growing up now, we can't play the slide in the park, nor can we queue up behind the children.If you do, you may see the face of your parents as you did when you were a child, but they may be surprised or embarrassed by what they express.
However, the slide is not a child's privilege and adults can play since the inflatable slide has appeared.The product called inflatable slide clown is designed for adults.Of course, some teenagers can also enjoy it.
The inflatable slide clown has a large rainbow arch above the bottom of the slide.Is your childhood back?If the Rainbow just calls your memory back, then the clown and colorful balls drawn on the wall of the slide may make your feeling stronger.The clown plays with the ball on the wall.
he makes the ball here and there.
The inflatable slide clown has 2 lines.
One is the slide, the other is the climbing wall.The gradient is a bit big and it can increase the excitement.But at the bottom of the slide, we set up a stopgap to help the player balance.
The other line is the climbing wall.
Players can climb to the top of the inflatable slide clown.The slope of the climbing wall is a bit flat.It's easy for players to climb to the top.
In addition, there is a bodyguard at the bottom of the climbing wall in case the climber slides down from the climbing wall.Inflatable Slide clown length 11 m, 4.5m wide and 6.5m height.It weighs 288.5kg.For an adult or two children, the tear strength is high enough to slide on it.You can put it in outdoor activities such as your backyard or the beach.
The inflatable slide clown is made of 0.
55mm Plato PVC waterproof oil cloth with high tear strength, waterproof and excellent UV-Resist the cold weather.It is suitable for outdoor activities.In addition, after a series of production processes, the tarpaulin has anti-fading, anti-fadingNo pungent smell.It does not fade until the color ends its acceptable life.
When you slide, the friction between the player and the slide does not create static electricity that hurts the skin.Most importantly, the inflatable slide clown has no pungent smell.It will not hurt the health of you and your children.
All in all, this product is safe, good quality, suitable for home or business use
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