Adam Scott's major meltdown - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-24
Adam Scott\'s major meltdown  -  meltdown
The British Open is leading with four strokes and four holes, under the control of Adam Scott.In a dramatic collapse, however, he recalled the days of the 32-year-old teen idol, Greg Norman --The old man lost his first major victory inexplicably.Scott finished the game with four consecutive Boji, turning the upcoming victory into the most painful defeat imaginable, handing over the Olde Red wine pot with a five-round 75-point scoreFor Scott, who enters the last round of four shots, it is a crash that will be compared to many tragic failures by Norman, especially when he was Nick Fardo at 1996 American MastersFrench Jean van der Velde's last disastrous hole at the 1999 British Open in canustier.
If Scott failed in a different way, the result would be very bad.Scott did not provide any excuse for what he called a "hasty completion" and, despite his apparent disappointment, remained firmly optimistic."I know I missed a very good opportunity today," he said .
"But somehow I will look back and draw the positive side from it.I don't think I played so well in an important tournament, so it's a good thing for me to move forward.Everything I Do goes in the right direction.
Today is one of those days, and that's why they call it Golf.Scott said the nerves didn't play any role in the last hole proved to be a fatal wrong shot --Especially the 1 m Rod putter he missed on the 16 th, 6-The iron on the left of green on the 17 th became rough, and he drove through the last hole and found a dangerous bunker."I may have spent all my energy 24 hours before today's game," Scott said .
Interestingly, I'm sure I get excited at times, but once I get there, I feel completely in control.Even the last few holes, I don't think it's a nerve or something like that.However, the pressure has increased as Scott collapses in the last period.
Just after he missed the 1 m putter on the 16 th, with Els hiding his bird putter for the last time to finish the match below 7 m, a loud noise sounded.All of a sudden, Scott's four-shot lead was cut to only one, the first time he was under real pressure.However, Scott said that the last thing he regretted was a 6-On the 17 th, the iron he turned left in the breeze approached.
"I feel very calm and I feel that everything is under control," he said .".\ 'When I cross the ball, I feel like I'm going to play a good game, and that's how I play it all week.So I'm happy with that.But I didn't swing on that.the pin.He missed the putter and entered the height of the last hole with Ayers, who rushed into the house four times under the nine holes in the back.
Scott needed a standard pole on the 18 th. he took three-Replace iron insurance with wood.He hit the ball sweetly, but turned right as he expected and went straight into a deep bunker.
From there, Scott can only move about 15 metres.Then he played a wonderful iron ball within three metres, but his putt was just wide."I don't feel like I hit a bad putter, but it never really looked like it was rolling in and out there," he said .
\ 'It always tries to hang on the left.
The Australian seemed shocked by his failure. he Was ghosts, sneaky, took off his sunglasses and shook his head slowly.Although he didn't play as calmly as he did in the first three rounds, a bird in the 14 hole seemed to give him a chance to winExcept Els-There is an amazing step backwards.
"I can't justify anything I do there," he said ."."I didn't finish the game very well today.But next time, I'm sure I can do better next time.
For Ayers, he played a hard two.
Under the age of 68, the second British Open and the sixth major tournament provided an unexpected revival for a player who has been plagued by problems in recent years.South Africa comforted Scott after winning."He said he sympathized with me, don't beat myself," Scott said .
He said he beat himself up when he lost or had a chance...He thinks I'm a great player and I can continue to win a Grand Slam, which is good.While Scott stumbled earlier in his turn and made three swamps and a bird in his six holes, the disaster that others suffered made him well under controlTiger Woods's chance is gone, he played three bogey in Game 6, a bunker ball bounced back and almost hit him, 14 Champs with 73 points and 3 pointsScott's partner, McDowell, was stuck in the Bush during his second shot on the fifth 11 th, almost losing the audience and the ball.
Although he saved Boji, the Northern Ireland man fell to 75 years old like Scott.The half-Brent snickke's chances end later.to-The seventh and eighth returns to double bogey.
The massacre continues.
Only Els changed this trend and inevitably left Scott with an unfortunate incomparable Mark
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