Activities to Improve Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence - obstacle course

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-03-02
Activities to Improve Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence  -  obstacle course
AptParenting will list some activities that people can carry out to develop and enhance the body
Motor Intelligence for children and adults.
Walk with toes in the room.
This simple exercise will make you aware of your body movements in many ways and will help improve your body --
Dynamic intelligenceBodily-
The sense of motion intelligence involves a high degree of self-awareness.
Be aware of your physical movements and the ability to use physical movements to express.
It is said that people with this form of intelligence possess balance, grace and speed and use this form of intelligence when understanding and expressing various ideas and feelings. Bodily-
Motion intelligence also includes the skills to create and transform things by hand.
There are several features of this form of intelligence.
It is these that will make this form of intelligence different from the other multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner in his work "The frame of thinking": (1983) The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
In this AptParenting article, we will highlight the different bodies --
It can be used to improve and enhance the mental activity of this form of intelligence.
The most effective way to improve this form of intelligence is through the medium of activity.
These are especially helpful and highly recommended for children, preferably when they are young.
Nevertheless, these activities are not limited to children only and are easily acceptable to adults.
Here are some classroom activities and other forms of activities below the body
Intelligent form of motion perception.
Play catch.
This includes not only the use of sports, but also the development of coordination by learning to judge the catch according to the speed and distance of the ball.
In addition to this, it also promotes exquisite handmade
Eye coordination.
Another great change to this simple activity is to play throw rings, fly discs or play basketball.
Any form of body performing art, such as dance, performance or gymnastics, requires the full use of the body to express something.
It therefore encourages the understanding of different concepts through the medium of movement and encourages the expression of feelings and ideas through the medium of movement.
Participating in these activities can exercise the body to understand and express things more physically.
Anything involving the use of movements and body movements is a good way to develop the body
Dynamic intelligence
Climbing trees, playing guessing games, jumping houses, doing sports are all activities that help train the brain to understand and express through movement.
Very interesting activities that can be tried in a classroom environment (especially) and even in orientation programs or similar settings, teachers or leaders ask the group to form the shape of the alphabet letters.
This seemingly simple task encourages the group to understand what is being said and then to demonstrate the talent to be able to twist and move the body to mimic the shape of the letter.
This can be played in any way, such as demonstrating a letter and then asking them to imitate it, or simply stating a letter and then asking them to express the same.
The latter also helps to develop additional skills in listening and interpreting.
As we all know, another activity that helps a lot in building this intelligence is to ask the team to perform a story without saying anything, using only actions to tell the same story.
Using puppets can bring an interesting twist to this exercise.
This is another way that limiting factors can help further enhance the movement.
Obstacle courses are not only interesting, but also a good way to enhance physical fitness
Kinking skills.
Sports activities that make up part of this course, such as using skipping ropes, using hula hoops, climbing trees, climbing ladders, jumping walls, going through puddles (for example) all of which contribute to the development of handwork
Coordinate your eyes and use your body movements for overall action to be successful.
Encourage teams to build something on the model provided or just by using their imagination.
What can be used to carry out this activity can include the use of ready-
Use clay or sand and even make mud and flour with some water.
This is not only a very pleasant activity for all age groups, but also helps train the brain to build things.
Sculpture and pottery are also a viable option for adults or older children.
Introduce any one of these events, or even a combination of these activities in your day --to-
Daily life will definitely help build and enhance the body.
Dynamic intelligence
So now you can not only enhance this intelligence, but also have a lot of fun doing it. Win-win.
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