Active Listening Games - inflatable games for adults

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-19
Active Listening Games  -  inflatable games for adults
Active listening is an art that, when instilled, has the potential to bring about fundamental improvements in the way we communicate with the people around us.
You will be surprised to know how all this important skills are acquired through some simple activities.
There are some interesting and active listening games here, which will definitely be very interesting! Roman Poet.
This means that the essence of a meaningful and effective conversation is listening and showing interest in what the other party says.
But is it helpful to just listen?
Well, it's not.
Effective Listening includes not only the use of the ears, but also the use of the eyes!
This is all about active listening. Confused?
Well, active listening means not only focusing on the words you listen to, but also the body language of the speaker.
Sometimes we are troubled by bad listening habits that prevent effective listening.
We often do other things when we listen, or we are distracted by external factors.
Sometimes we don't try to listen and understand what we think is difficult, or even be influenced by the Speaker's use of certain words that we may find objectionable.
However, we must learn to overcome these things and not let external influences affect our listening skills.
This is where active listening training works.
Before we look at the games and activities of active listening, let's learn how active listening helps us.
As mentioned earlier, active listening is mainly about the body language of the speaker. Eye-
The key to effective listening is contact.
In the early days, it was crucial to teach children the importance of active listening.
With the help of some games designed for children, this can be done easily.
Let's take a look at some of them, as well as some active listening activities for adults.
Encouraging children to play imitation games is an interesting way to teach them to recognize facial expressions and body language, a key part of active listening.
This game will instill mastery and explanation.
Verbal cues from children.
The guessing game is a good example where a person expresses the meaning of a word for others to identify.
This is another fun game to play in a large group of people and all the kids are standing in a circle.
A player starts the game by forming his own sentences and whispers softly to his neighbors so others don't hear it.
This lasts until the message reaches the last player and then he has to say the sentence out loud.
It is observed that sentences spoken by the last player are often completely different from what the first player said.
This is due to the accumulated hearing errors of all players, similar to the way gossip is transmitted.
Another game that tests listening ability and encourages children to actively listen is the "listen and act" game.
The rules of the game are simple.
A person reads a series of instructions in order to complete a task.
When directions are read out, participants follow them and try to act according to them.
For example, instructions such as sketching or performing magic for children can be drawn step by step.
This is another game that emphasizes the importance of effective listening.
A person reads a story or an event to someone else.
Once he's done, anyone else in the group is asked to repeat.
People who can retell the story as accurately as possible won!
This is a fun positive listening game for students and adults.
This is a group-based Q & A game where each player is called together to ask two or three questions about their hobbies, likes and interests.
Specify a person to write down the answer against the player's name.
Now, random players are asked to correctly identify which member answered what.
This game illustrates the importance of listening.
This can help you improve your listening level.
Listen carefully and learn what the speaker is saying by paying attention to what he/she is saying.
The more concentrated you train your attention, the easier it is for you to listen effectively.
Are you listening?
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