Accidental Airbag Deployment - airbag

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-02-27
Accidental Airbag Deployment  -  airbag
The airbag is designed to protect passengers in the car during a crash.
However, some execution or system errors may cause the airbag to expand unexpectedly.
This can lead to catastrophic consequences.
Read on to learn more about the cause of the accidental deployment of the airbag and how to avoid it.
The invention of the airbag completely changed the attempt to provide safety for car passengers in a crash.
The airbag can act as a cushion to protect the crew during the collision.
But the technology behind airbag work seems to be in its infancy.
Accidents involving airbags have killed a large number of people.
In addition, most accidents occur when airbags fail to unfold during the crash and deploy at other times.
However, this can be largely attributed to system errors, and human intervention is also largely responsible.
In this article, we introduce some of the reasons for the accidental deployment of airbags and some precautions to avoid accidents.
But before that, it would be interesting to learn about the work of the airbag deployment system.
The airbag system consists of three parts
Collision sensors, diagnostic modules, and airbag modules.
The collision sensor senses a range of forces, such as inertia and gravity, and sudden deceleration of the car.
When they detect the impact of the force that makes the deployment of the airbag, they disconnect the circuit.
The diagnostic module is responsible for continuously monitoring the circuit and controlling the operation of the indicator light that detects the system failure.
It is also responsible for storing and recording diagnostic information and providing feedback
Start the power supply when the vehicle battery is low or damaged.
The airbag module is a visual module consisting of a substrate and a buffer part.
Air bags use fireworks to inflate.
The device uses a current (about ma) to motivate the ignition, which starts the combustion of the sodium nitrate particles to generate nitrogen to fill the airbag.
For the expansion of the airbag, certain standards must be met.
In the course of a collision, the vehicle is subjected to a variety of forces that, if they exceed the threshold, trigger the expansion of the airbag.
The airbag is inflated at about 250 miles per hour and is deployed in less than a second.
The main reason is that some on-board computers are working.
About hundreds of on-board computers are installed on the advanced cars.
So you can imagine the possibility of problems with these computers.
In addition, the installation of equipment in the after-sales market often interferes with the deployment of airbags.
Many owners use mobile phone chargers to mess up the area around the airbag.
Equipment such as pod docking station.
This is very dangerous because it interferes with the sensor's signal and can cause an unexpected deployment of the airbag.
In addition, certain seemingly harmless actions, such as slamming the door, hitting the pan hole or turning too fast, will also start the airbag deployment system.
In addition, certain environmental factors such as dust and moisture may cause the possibility of accidental deployment of airbags.
If there is any problem with the circuit around the airbag deployment system, please visit a professional technician.
If you intend to do it yourself, make sure you follow the guidelines below for the safe operation of the airbag deployment system.
The technology of airbag system is still developing.
Airbag, which will take into account various factors such as the weight of the occupant, the speed of the vehicle, the use of the seat belt, the position of the seat, etc. are under-way.
It will be very beneficial for short children and adults.
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