1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls - inflatable party games

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-09
1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls  -  inflatable party games
The idea of 1st girls' birthday parties, from theme to decoration, contains many options that will confuse any parent.
Here we give you some ideas for starting party planning.
Your baby girl's first birthday is a very important moment for her and a milestone for her parents.
The most enthusiastic parents started planning a party in advance.
However, considering that your little angel does take up most of your time, you should be safe even if you plan to be around six weeks before the big day.
The initial phase of your plan should include finding different sources of ideas until you are able to solve a problem.
With these, you can start listing everything you need in terms of food, decorations, takeout, etc.
Please ask if you have time to do the decoration.
Handmade books and magazines are also a great source of ideas for baby girl's first birthday party.
One factor that most of your decisions will depend on is the budget.
Whether you're going to have a well-crafted relationship or a small private relationship, your little princess won't remember anything.
She won't evenxa0I know this party is for her honor.
The first thing you need to decide is the size of the party.
Will your guest list include friends that all of your daughters play with, or will it only involve family matters?
Will you have simple cakes and food, or will you bring a clown, magician, or other entertainer?
If you are going to invite a few adults, you can plan a delicious meal and skip the entertainment.
However, if there are a few little kids around, then you can spend more money on entertainment.
My suggestion is to limit the guest list to family and friends.
The girl's own 1st birthday party theme is varied, which makes you very confused.
Some options are Princess theme, Sesame Street theme, beach party theme, barn field theme, fairy theme, Barney theme, Ruo, Winnie the Pooh theme, zoo theme, Barbie theme, carnival theme or beach theme.
If your baby has a favorite toy or music mix (like a swing), you can base it on that.
These themes are very popular, so there are a lot of party supplies (paper products, decorations, gifts, etc ). ) available.
However, the theme decoration is also easy to make.
For homemade party invitations, cut a lot of 1 from the brightly colored card paper.
Use a Flash/calligraphy pen to list the details of the party on one side of the paper.
On the other side, write "see who's turning 1!
\ "And paste a photo of your baby girl.
Write her name under the picture.
Andxa0Add any other words you might want to add.
Ideas for the decor include the usual balloons and ribbons, photos of your favorite she has taken over the past year, posters, banners and stuffed animals.
If your guest list includes toddlers and slightly older children, you can organize birthday party games or events such as pulling
Puppet Show, story reading, carriage, finger painting or plaster or clay handprints.
Whether it's homemade or shop-bought, your baby girl's first birthday cake will definitely be great.
However, you need other finger foods including ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, peanut butter, jelly or cream cheese sandwiches and apple sauce.
The idea of some other 1st-year-old birthday parties for girls is take-out, such as tiaras (especially if it's a princess theme), blowing bubbles, finger puppets or picture books.
As for the location, you can have it at home, at a friend or relative's home, at a restaurant or at a playground, although the familiar location is the best.
Another sign of a successful first birthday party is to keep it short, as young children are sure to feel tired and grumpy.
You can even have a party in the morning, which works well for kids.
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