[Air-tight tent] 'Precautions for use!'

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-18

Air-tight tent precautions

1. It is very important to choose a camp when the air-holding tent is set up (the choice of the camp is not within the scope of equipment knowledge). Try not to have too many sharp objects on the ground, such as stones, grass roots, branches and the like. If there is, be sure to clean it up. Even broken branches and branches can easily poke the bottom of the tent.

2. In order to protect the air-tight tent, a piece of ground cloth can be placed under the tent first.

3. For the more common double-pole air-tight tents, when supporting the tent poles, it is better to support the two poles at the same time, which is better for the tent.

4. When lowering the tent in the air-tight tent, it is better to lower the two opposite corners of the tent first, and then lower the other two opposite corners. The tent made this way is relatively flat.

5. When the tent is under the tent, the inclination angle should be 45-60 degrees, so that it is easy to lay down the tent and the force is large.

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