About the basic situation of the inflatable model

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-07
What is so-called inflatable model, inflatable model the composition and characteristics of what is. You may, and understanding of this aspect is particularly with a basic understanding of. Now's the time to introduce the basic situation about inflatable model, let it be better to understand inflatable model. Inflatable model is the use of new encryption Oxford material and fan, etc. These materials, made of air supply inflatable molding products. Inflatable model, also called module, is introduced from abroad in the mid - 1980 - a new advertising media. It is said that it probably comes from the United States established on the basis of the production of a large number of cartoon and animation, because the film's animation, cartoon image vivid and lovely, a lot of teenage children learn to imitate the object. Therefore, this soon targeted by some smart advertisers. Advertisers Tomsen is the earliest that engages in the production of inflatable cartoon 'fathers'. Auspicious gas mold factory is engaged in domestic gas mold making earlier one of the enterprises. The current domestic gas mold industry also has the very big development space. Inflatable model USES is PE material, to make this kind of PE cloth compared with the traditional coated PVC fabric, not easy tear, not degum layer, and especially good sealing. And the material of inflatable model, light weight, easy to carry, and easy to cast. Now in the market, there are many types of inflatable model, and widely used. Now has inflatable model arches, columns, wedding, cartoon, the product model, recreational facilities, water adventure playground is, and now the inflatable advertising model is widely used, in addition to used in the advertising industry, also involves amusement, sports, TV entertainment, wedding, and exhibition promotion, even these aspects, such as in the military field. Above is about the basic situation of the inflatable model, the hope can help you learn more about this knowledge.
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