A Piece of User Experience on Outdoor Sport Bike | Ski Jump Inflatable Airbag


A Piece of User Experience on 

Outdoor Sport Bike/Ski Jump Inflatable Airbag


At that time, the Scottish national hero William Wallace shouted out a cry before his death, I do not know how many audiences awakened by the yearning for freedom. Psycho Cyclist, which looks like a new kind of suicidal movement, its charm of extreme cycling lies in steering a course between life and death, switching between weightlessness and overweight, taking this opportunity to experience extreme freedom and happiness.

FR is the Freeride, and you can see by the name how desperate it is to be free. Riding on it, you can ride wherever you want, as you want, but it requires a lot of skill and courage.

There is no limit to the cycling area, and of course more off-road, more undeveloped, and more complex sites are more exciting. But you want to make sure that the ground is empty, and there's no obvious hard bump, like a sharp stone corner, or an outstretched branch.

Then you can prepare the protective measures, downhill from the sky, feel like you are in a completely different world in the violent wind and firce sand like a knife. Collisions are inevitable and fascinating.

I bought the air cushion from Joyinflatable Factory. I highly recommend his air cushion during these months of use. Reasons are as follows.

firstly, I recommend it for its convenient. It has special air outlet : Two adjustable air valves allow for exact and independent adjustment of the softness and firmness of both the air chamber and the bottom chamber (you I can open whole air outlet, or cover 1/3, or cover 1/2 or cover all ) depending on sportsman preferences and training targets. You can adjust to your needs.

Then comes its Ride away Top sheet technology. O.9mm pvc Top sheet material combines intrinsic propestie such as strong tension, durability, flexibility and elasticity. It is neither grippy,nor abrasive, allowing you to land the air bag and ride away even with sharp ski and snowboard edges. You also can print your company logo on the top sheet. I had my own logo on it, its really cool.

Fancy bikes which is called ballet on wheels are generally attracting more and more people's eyeballs. In fact, it can be elegant, it can be intense, it can take you to your limits.If you're a desperado, too. I'm in favor of you learning fancy cycling. But believe in yourself before you do that, and have enough theoretical study and basic training, then of course essential protective preparation. 

Aha, maybe a Joyinflatable Factory made outdoor sport bike inflatable airbag.


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