The history of the development of high-pressure inflatable tents?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-11

The history of high pressure inflatable tents?

The history of the development of inflatable tents

Recently, some customers are very interested after understanding the parameters of high-pressure tents and ask us when did high-pressure inflatable tents start?

The inflatable tent has a history of nearly 50 years of development abroad. After its establishment in China in 2006, it began to devote itself to the research and development, design, customization, and production of inflatable tents. Compared with traditional bracket tents, inflatable tents , construction, weight green and other advantages, so it is more and more widely used.

Development history of high-voltage tents

High-voltage tents have a development history of nearly 30 years abroad. In China, high-voltage tents have only begun to rise in recent years.

High pressure tents are more suitable for use in harsh environments because of their lighter weight and shorter construction time. Compared with traditional metal frame tents, this new type of tent is not only easy to use, but also very strong.

Technical parameters of high-pressure inflatable tent:

1. The high-pressure air column is an independent air chamber, and the pressure in the air column is not less than 0.5-0.8MP.

2. Wind resistance: 27.6m/s (level 10 wind speed)

3. Rain resistance: 17mm/h.

4. Snow carrying capacity: 30k/m.

5. High and low temperature work: -45℃~+70℃.

6. High and low temperature storage: -45℃~+70℃.

High pressure inflatable tent picture display

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