Personal entrepreneurship inflatable castle and mobile water park that is more advantageous?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-05

whether it is a mobile water park or an inflatable castle, are they two generals in the water amusement equipment industry? However, these two kinds of factory products are very different, so how should we choose for our mobile entrepreneurs? As a long-term practitioner, it can be said that the advantages and disadvantages of these two products are clear to the chest, let me tell you today!

Let's talk about the mobile water park. The mobile water park is also called the inflatable water park. The main feature is to play with water. Generally, it is only operated in summer, mobile inflatable water park, in summer, it can be said to be popular all over the country, especially in third-and fourth-tier cities, which are very popular with children and are the main leisure and entertainment places for people. At the same time, because the attributes of playing with water are generally open-air and closed, there are many supporting service measures, and the corresponding inflatable water parks have more profit points, however, due to the large water storage facilities of the mobile water park, it is relatively troublesome to move, and the flexibility is slightly worse at one time. At the same time, the mobile inflatable water park has a hot business in the summer, in winter, it is basically closed.

although the inflatable castle is not as popular as the mobile water park in summer, it can be operated all year round, and it is more convenient to move. You can go to the temple fair, therefore, it is also very popular and can also be placed in the mall. Business is more flexible!

inflatable castle and mobile inflatable water park are things that benevolent people see and wise people see. I hope everyone can choose their own products according to their actual situation!

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