Common outdoor tent classification and styles

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-10

We have a wide variety of common outdoor tents, which are generally divided into military and civilian tents by category. In terms of size, it includes small tents, medium tents and large tents. According to the material, it is generally divided into inflatable tents and bracket tents. As far as our civilian tents are concerned, they can be roughly divided into five styles in terms of appearance. Below, I invite the editor to introduce the styles and classifications of common civilian outdoor tents in detail.

People habitually divide civilian outdoor tents into two categories. Compared with the advantages, it has the performance indicators of wind resistance, rain resistance and high strength. The material is generally more durable, the production process is more complicated, and it belongs to the tent of medium quality. Another type of tent is the home 'tourism typeThe material pays more attention to the economy, the production process is relatively simple and economical, and it can be used for general environment camping.

The styles of tents vary for different purposes. Below are 5 common styles.

A. Garden-top tents, usually called yurts, the frame is cross-supported by double poles, which is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble, and is more popular among the public. shape.

B. Triangular tent, this is the style of the early tent. The two sides of the tent are made of herringbone iron pipes, and the middle is connected by a cross bar to support the inner Account and external account.

C, hexagonal tent, emphasizing the stability of the tent, generally using three-pole or four-pole cross-support, and also useful for six-pole support design, tent The stability of the tent is relatively strong, and this style is mostly used in 'alpine' tents.

D. A boat-bottom tent, this tent looks like a small boat after being propped up. Generally, the middle part can be used as a bedroom, and the two ends can be used as a hall shed. It pays attention to the windproof streamline, and the support method can be divided into two poles and three poles, which is also one of the common tent styles.

E. Roof-shaped tents are generally taller and relatively bulky, and are also known as vehicle-mounted tents. It is usually supported by four corners and four columns, shaped like an independent small tile house, with a structural ridged roof on top, which is suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field work camping.

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