[Breath-holding tent] will not really 'hold your breath'

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-12

Inflatable tents are used for sports, tourism, commerce, and cultural undertakings, especially film and television work sites, large-scale trade display events, leisure and entertainment, and holiday places. Compared with ordinary buildings, inflatable buildings have low investment, convenient production and use, beautiful appearance and bright colors, creating a brand-new space effect. Introduction of inflatable tent: Material: Made of oxford cloth, pvc mesh fabric and new PU (polyurethane) fabric. The test results of the Quality Supervision Bureau show that this material is non-irritating, toxic and completely harmless. This material is a professional inflatable product material with good cold resistance and flame retardancy. Accessories: Distribute the corresponding fan, sewing thread and repair materials. Features: The product is easy to use, beautiful in appearance and bright in color, creating a brand-new space effect. It has a visual impact effect to achieve a more direct, stronger and more effective advertising effect, and has the advantages of convenience, speed and economy. At present, outdoor advertising products for opening celebrations and various expositions, trade fairs and other activities.

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