jumpers 1984 Olympics: Katarina Witt, Rosalynn Sumners and Elaine Zayak

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jumpers 1984 Olympics: Katarina Witt, Rosalynn Sumners and Elaine Zayak
Katarina Witt was awarded the title.More importantly, Witt was supported by the general agreement of the judges.But the video above doesn't show why Witt is ahead of Sumners or even Zayak.You have to remember that 1984 Olympic Games were held after the retirement of biyeman and the promulgation of the Zayak rules.
This means that in the search for a new leader who can calm down the jumper rebellion, Elaine zayac was suppressed;The young Ito Midori is also rising rapidly among experienced skaters.It is natural, therefore, that Katarina Witt is considered an interesting person who can restore the ideal of traditional lady figure skating rather than jump shots.However, after watching Witt's show, you can't help but wonder if Witt is right to win the game or to skate freely.
To put it bluntly, Katarina Witt won the freedom skating competition and even claimed that the championship was not convincing.But the truth is that by today's standards, Witt has no chance to stand on the highest podium.Rosalyn samnasse really lost to Witte?How about Elaine Zak?Witt is skating in her best condition and can hardly match the average level of Zayak or Sumners, but Witt looks far from it.
In the short Festival, Witt launched a good program.Witt's music choices are great.This is more suitable for her than a lyric or classic, but her score is inconsistent with what she shows.Witt earned 5 points on the scoreboard.7 or 5.All judges except the United StatesS.judge.The U.S.Since two US medal contenders took part in the event, the judge may have some bias against Witt.
But even with this in mind, Witt's score does not directly reflect her performance.In the same pool as Sumners and Zayak, the maximum range that Witt can reasonably have under this performance is 5.Unless Sumners and Zayak really screwed up.
Zayak will not lose if the judgment is correct.It's just that Witte's performance is not enough to beat Zayak or even Sumners.Without much criticism, the judges could have put Witt ahead of Sumners, but Witt was far from beating Zayak.
Witt skating here hardly saved her from humiliation.Zayak, as a pioneer jumper or first jumper since the legendary era, is the first victim of the rules of prejudice and its judgment policy.Zayak did not lose.I think, after Zayak, the ISU and the judges finally found it difficult to ignore what the jumper was entitled to, and, as Ito meidori clearly did, in terms of certain qualities, they were morejumpers.
But Zayak is a more comprehensive skater.
And there are many fewer defects.
More beautiful than Ito.
In the short show, Elaine zayac did not lose his edge, but ISU was determined to cull zayac in the name of cracking down on the jumper insurgency.Neither Witt nor Sumners seem to be better off with the short-term Festival of 1984 than Zayak.To put it simply, Zayak moves better than both competitors;More polishing and mastery than Witte's or Sumners '.
Zayak is not Ito Midori;Zayak does not show that there is too much consumption for other elements like Ito.It seems that this psychology of Zayak is intolerable;Too biased.In this case, even in the old system, the higher scores of Witt or Sumners in short program competition are unreasonable.
The message is clear: the player in the stock likes Sumners or Vette.Zayak is considered to be a typical jumper who makes the most of their physical advantage, "unfair", meaning that their ability to jump must be downgraded rather than fullyHere, Rosalynn Sumners has launched its own program.I don't think Witt's free skating is necessarily better than Sumners.
No matter how many times sumens pops up her planned triples, or whether sumens's actions are clearer than Witt's, it's hard to win a lawsuit for Witt.But given that the race between Witt and Sumners is so close, Zayak is put down systematically and systematically, and the 1984 Olympic Games won by Katarina Witt are also difficult to confirm.Despite being fair and sensitive in sports, Witt is not the real winner.
Witt is an institution voting on the agenda-The champion of the time.Compared to Witt, I didn't find much advantage in the performance of Sumners.Sumners appeared nervous and nervous, which greatly slowed her down and her movements were greatly hindered.
Sumners's program is not necessarily better than Witt's short program.Sumners failed to distinguish herself from Witt's powerful but outspoken skating through her agility and clear movements.I think that if Sumners were the average Sumners that we knew in the short quarter, she could have easily won the championship because it was clear that the judge finally decided to be between Sumners and Witt.
Zayak was disqualified before the start of the game
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