inflatable furniture Water safety warning for inflatable 'lounger' users

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-06
inflatable furniture Water safety warning for inflatable \'lounger\' users
A mother in Launceston wanted to warn others about the risk of using inflatable furniture in the water.After receiving the "now" ReclinerDuring Christmas, Christie stage plans to launch an instant inflatable mattressxa0Take her nine to the beach.month-Big Daughter, Iva, relax in the sun.
However the 27-year-She said she heard the report.xa0Recliner'sxa0Split sidexa0Almost drowned in the water of the user."There is no warning at all in the lounge or package," she said .
"I'll put it in the water to be honest, so I'm happy to receive the warning."It is very worrying that a warning is issued only after approaching drowning, especially because of my nine-month-The old man was relaxing in the recliner with me, so I really appreciate knowing now not to put them in the water.Dell Webster, director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, said reports related to the productxa0Product safety regulators in the Commonwealth, state and territory are reviewing.
"Inflatablexa0A recliner can also be used as an aerial sofa orxa0Inflatablexa0"A range of brands of furniture, including online sales and furniture sold by overseas suppliers," Webster said .""Adults are urged to take steps to remove inflatable air recliners from the water or from the location around (including the pool) and to ensure that children do not use them as floating devices.Webster said the authorities encouraged Tasman consumers to report anyxa0Use inflatable air recliner.
Report the incident on www.
Au, or call 1300 654 499 to contact Consumer Affairs and Fair transactions
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