human bouncy ball soccer A Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) -My Day At School

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human bouncy ball soccer A Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) -My Day At School
Hi!.I am five.I'm in kindergarten.When my mom was pregnant with me, she decided not to want me.She drinks and takes drugs, including cocaine, so she can kill me while I'm still in my stomach..It makes it difficult for me to sit quietly and focus on things.
My brain is different from most children's.All this makes it difficult for me to learn.Sometimes when I learned something, I forgot the next day, and sometimes even later that day, I forgot what I learned this morning.
I am very lucky.
I have a new mom and dad now.
They really took care of me and my sisters!I'm going to tell you my day at school!I can go to school by bus because mom and dad have to go to work in the morning.When the bus arrived at school, my special teacher, madam.Pick me up, Campbell.Sometimes I get lost when I try to get to the classroom on my own.
Sometimes I try to sneak breakfast because it looks fun and I forget I should go to the classroom.When I walk into the classroom, I should do bell work on the table.It's always hard for me.Today, this is a worksheet and I should cut the square with the picture.
Then I should stick them to the square with the letters that match the picture.It's really hard for me.My little hands don't work very well and it's hard to cut the squares off.I can't always remember what these pictures are called or what sounds or letters they start.
I asked my teacher.
Reynolds, for help.
She was nice and patient and didn't mind explaining things to me over and over again.She cut it for me.Sometimes she asks my friend Christopher to help me.He always knows what these pictures are and what letters they start.
He really worked hard not to give me an answer, but sometimes he was very upset with me and he just told me the answer.He's my best friend!Our class goes to the bathroom at 10: 00.We didn't have a bathroom in our classroom like other kindergarten classes, so we went to the lobby.
Sometimes I forget that I should not play in the bathroom or splash water in the water.Once I tried to find out where the water in the urinal came from and I started splashing in the water.I don't know it's dirty and other kids don't like to be splashed with water.
I had to wash my hands and had to sit outside in time.I don't like that.But I forgot a few days later.After we went to the bathroom, I went to the wife.Campbell's class.I like Mrs.Campbell.She understood me.She knows that I have to work hard to do things that are easy for other children.
She has game folders that are easy for me.I can match colors, numbers and letters.I forgot the names of these things but it was easy to match them.I can also do puzzles like letters and numbers.
These works can only be done in one place, so it's easy for me.In my quiet place, there is a chart on my desk.When I finish the puzzle or the folder, MadamCampbell posted a sticker on the chart.
When I fill out the chart, I can choose a treatment method.I bought five M & M this morning.I got a bouncy ball one day.Interesting food!Madam, 10: 30.Campbell asked me to put on my smart backpack.My smart backpack is a small one with heavy books in it.
I like the feeling of shoulder and back.
It feels like someone is squeezing me.
I like it.
Then we walked down the hall and picked up the other kids in my reading group.There are six of us.We went back to the room and sat at the horseshoe table.I can sit next to my wife.Campbell.She helped me remember to sit quietly and work without disturbing my friends.
We can read, color, and write our names.
We practice letters and sounds, sometimes even words!But it's like a lady's worksheet.Rooms at Renault hotel.Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't.In the days I forgot, I was very angry with myself.I want to study like everyone else.The kids in my group are sometimes hard to remember, but not as much as I remember.
One of the boys laughed at me when I forgot.Mrs.Campbell asked him to say "sorry" but it still pissed me off.Sometimes I throw paper and pencil in the room.
Sometimes I even hit another kid.
Then I have to sit outside in time.
I have to think about what I did.
But sometimes I forget what I did and why I timed out so I played.Mrs.Campbell didn't like it when I forgot it, but she understood.11: 30 is the rest time.I like to go out and rest.I can run.I like to play in the Monkey Bar and sandbox.
Sometimes I play tag games with my friends.Sometimes I get angry with the kids on the playground, I push them, hit them, or throw sand at them.The ladies on the playground didn't like it when I did so, so they took me to see the lady.
I had to sit outside again in Campbell's room.But sometimes I don't hurt other kids.The ladies on the playground were really proud of me when I was in trouble.I like it, too!After the break, we went to lunch.
I have to sit at a table myself.
On my desk, I shouldn't talk or play around.I just want something to eat.Sometimes I forget, I yell, I play.Sometimes I throw food.Mrs.Principal Alan didn't like it when I forgot.She calls Mrs.Campbell, then I had to take my food and sit outside for dinner in time.
But sometimes I can sit still and not play, I just eat my food.If I do this for a while, I will sit at the table with my friends.I hope I can do this soon.After lunch, we went back to our wife.Reynolds class.We should rest.We should lie on the towel and keep quiet.
Some children even fell asleep.
It's hard for me to be quiet so I have a bean bag to lay in.I can also listen to music with headphones.The music helped me stay calm and it was a real peace for me.
I really like my music.
I don't like the time after the break.
Except Wednesday.
This time it was our class that went to what they called a "special offer.I don't think it's anything special.We go to art some days.We go to listen to music or other days of physical education.There are still a few days before we go to the library or computer lab.
I don't like any of them except music!In art, the teacher doesn't understand why I can't do what other children can do.She gets angry with me when I scribble or break clay on the photo.She calls Mrs.Campbell came to pick me up.Mrs.Campbell told her that I should have art and that she should give me something I can do.
I don't know what I should do in the computer lab.I got angry and hit the key on the keyboard.But the computer teacher is very good.She came to me and helped me play the game.
She found games that were easy to play for me and I could learn from them.She thought I was working hard and told me she was proud of me.Mr.Fleming is my music teacher.Of any teacher, he spent the longest time in our school.
He hopes that the children will always perform well in his class.When the children are having trouble sitting and working, he usually gets frustrated.But when Mrs.Campbell told him that I was in trouble in this regard and he said something good to me.
He wants to do good for me and he won't be mad at me when I can't be quiet and can't sit still.He gave me special jobs like playing on an instrument or pressing a button on a music player.He has a tool that he will let me hold when I go through a very hard time.
It is made of wood and has some beads inside and it makes music when you shake it.I like to take that instrument.When Mr.Fleming always told me he was in trouble.Campbell so they can help me together.Two of my PE teachers also like me.They want to help me.They gave me extra work to do, like running laps or doing extra push ups.Some days we play dance games and they laugh when I dance because I really like to shake it!I can even win when I play that game!I like physical education.
Even if I can't play games and activities like other kids, I usually don't get into trouble.The teachers showed me some ways I could do something different and help me with it.They never need to talk to their wife.Campbell!When the specials are finished, this is my favorite time of the day.
I go to Mrs.
Campbell's class, I'm the only kid there.
We do all kinds of things.
We work on statistics and letters.
We tried to help me out of trouble.
We read some stories about children like me and how they can solve problems.There's even a story about me!One helps me remember not to hurt my friends, one helps me remember how to act on the bus.My favorite part of the day is when I start walking.
Campbell asked me to put on my smart backpack as we walked.It helps me stay focused.When we walk, I look for letters or numbers that I know.Sometimes Mrs.Campbell put her letters, numbers, or words on the file in the hall.
Sometimes when we walk, I can go and see the nurse and the lady in the office.Sometimes I can show them my sticker chart or I do the worksheet just right.I get stickers or candy when I walk into the office.
Sometimes a lady sings on her elephant and I dance.I used to be scared to go to the nurse's office until I found out she didn't shoot!When we finished our walk, it was time to get ready to go home.My dad picks me up every day.Mrs.Campbell always told him what I did during the day.
She sometimes gives him some notes and tells him when I'm in trouble but Daddy and wifeCampbell don't talk about it in front of me.Dad always tells me that he is proud of me and he loves me.He told me we were going home to see mom and sister.
I give Mrs.
Campbell gave a hug, and then I went home with my father.We did everything the next day.It's hard to have FAS, but I'm glad the people at my school helped me so much.I have good friends who want to help me and I have good teachers who know how to teach me.
I hope you like my story.
I hope it will help you to learn about some special children and how to help them
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