Fun Christmas Party Games for Teens - blow up games for parties

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-29
Fun Christmas Party Games for Teens  -  blow up games for parties
One of the main attractions of the holiday season is the community spirit it fosters.
People like to sing carols, gifts
The frequency of giving and visiting others is invisible in other parts of the year.
These public activities may be particularly valuable for young people who have just started building relationships outside their families.
Creative holiday games give them the opportunity to interact with other young people in a festive and lively spirit of friendship.
In the Christmas sock guessing game, guests are divided into groups and get a sock full of 10 to 20 items.
Each player works with his or her team members to infer what is in their socks.
Players can feel along the outside of the sock, but can't look inside until the end of the round.
Teams use pens and mats to write down their guesses, and finally teams with the most correct guesses get points.
In the decorations guessing game, players write down the number of decorations they think are on the Christmas tree.
Players closest to guessing the correct answer will receive prizes.
In the holiday variant of the "hot potato" known as the "delivery package", the owner packs the gift with several layers of thick wrapping paper.
Guests circle in a circle, set up a timer, and participants pass gifts around the circle.
When the timer is off, the person holding the current state opens a layer.
The winner is the one who opens the last floor.
In the Christmas oven gloves competition, each team plays one by one to see who wears the oven gloves to open the kiss as soon as possible.
Record the time of each player and hand the package to another player of the same team at the end of each round.
Finally, the winning team is the team with the fastest combination time.
Spin the classic charade game by playing Christmas-related characters.
Players are divided into different teams and take turns playing iconic characters like St.
Nicholas, John mckeland and George Bailey.
Two people can act from a competing team at the same time, or one person can act for both teams, both trying to guess who the player is playing.
By having players draw while their team members guess what they're depicting, play a Christmas picnic or a Christmas song picnic.
In the "Santa's beard relay race" game, players gather on one side of the room while on the other side a jar full of cotton balls is placed.
The player is divided into two teams and smeared his face with Vaseline.
The first player of each team ran to the end of the room and put his face into the jar, trying to stick as many cotton balls as possible to the jar.
When they return to the team, the next player in line will move on.
The winning team is the team with the highest score of accumulated cotton balls.
In the "Wrapping Paper Contest" game, individuals or teams compete to see how fast they pack gifts with only one hand.
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