bounce house games How to Fix a Seam on a Vinyl Bounce

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-20

Inflatable bounces, such as bounce houses, are a source of entertainment from young children to young children.Unfortunately, in noisy games, seams sometimes leak, which causes the device to slowly crash.Re-inflate the rebound and identify the leak.If it is a big crack, fold the bounce and send it to a professional repair.If it's a little tearto-With a patch kit with a transparent patch, you can fix the defective seams in a matter of minutes.Prepare a cup of water mixed with 1/2 teaspoons.Liquid.Inflate the fault bounce.Brush soapy water to suspicious area with 1/2-Brush in inches and observe bubbles.Measure the length of the leak with a ruler and mark the area with a erasable grease pencil, then deflate and bounce.Cut a rectangular, transparent vinyl patch, large enough to overlap the seams by one inch on all sides.Trim off a 1-inch-Diameter radius with scissors in all four corners.Clean and repair the surface with a ball of cottonWool soaked in alcohol.Blow the area dry with a piece of medium and gently polish the surfacegrit sandpaper.Apply a large amount of vinyl patch adhesive to the patch area with the brush provided in the kit.Position the bottom of the patch one inch below the seam.Keep the rest of the patch away from the adhesive with one hand and carefully smooth it with the other to remove any creases and bubbles.Because the vinyl adhesive works as fast as possible.Cover the repair place with a piece of wax paper and place a wide cooker full of cold water on paper to weigh when the adhesive is cured.Leave the weight until the next morning when repairing.Remove the aggravated pot and peel off the wax paper.Re-inflate the rebound with another layer of soap and check for leaks.
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